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Super Saturday Update — Over 2.4 million contacts yesterday alone

Yesterday was another Super Saturday where campaign offices around the country knocked on doors, made phone calls and registered voters for the final crucial push into election day.  Some of the metrics are creeping through the wires right now.  Nearly all below is information direct from RNC political director Rick Wiley:


  • #s just in, @mittromney & @gop ground game made 2.4 million volunteer voter contacts yesterday on Super Saturday.ROCK
  • over 30k volunteers took part in Super Saturday yesterday.Enthusiasm on our side
  • Great work from our amazing volunteers this week! We made 5,072,979 volunteer voter contacts this week alone. — Reince Priebus


  • Over 400k volunteer voter contacts made in WI this week, strong.Country strong


  • VA did over 250k volunteer voter contacts yesterday, including 100k doors and nearly 500k for the week.Killing it


  • OH made over 600k volunteer voter contacts this week.nearly a quarter million on the doors!Buckeye Blitz rocks it


  • FL made over 1 million volunteer voter contacts this week. @mkdonlin & @tcdickens continue to rock it down there


  • Team CO made over 250k volunteer voter contacts this week. People clearly jacked following strong debate by @MittRomney

Voter Registration: GOP Ground Game by the Numbers

To set the stage for the below voter contact numbers, according to Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign operative Adrian Gray: “[the Romney-Ryan campaign has made] 26 million volunteer contacts (per @rick_wiley memo). In 2004, BC’04 had made 7,451,466 by now”

A few days ago I blogged the incredible voter contacts Romney Victory Offices were achieving across the battleground: 1,000,000 contacts in Nevada and Colorado, 1,000,000 contacts in Iowa, 3,000,000 contacts in Ohio and 6,000,000 contacts in Florida. But that is only the first step in re-branding the GOP and turning out the vote. The next step is registering these people to offset the incredible advantage Barack Obama enjoyed on election day in 2008. You don’t have to win every one of these battles but Republicans definitely need to shrink Democrat’s lead.  Jim Geraghty at National Review’s Campaign Spot has a rundown on the latest voter registration figures across a great many Battlegrounds and the results are impressive:

  • Iowa — Today 20,000 more registered Republicans in Iowa than registered Democrats. In January 2009, Iowa Democrats enjoyed a 110,000 voter registration advantage. Net gain for the GOP 140,000 votes
  • Florida — This is a state with a large “Unaffiliated” segment.  However, in a state with 11.5 million registered voters, today Democrats have a 454,752-voter advantage, down from 694,147-voter advantage in 2008. Net gain for the GOP 240,000 votes
  • Nevada — In a state with 1.4 million registered voters, Democrats have an advantage of 47,000, down from 100,000 in 2008. Net gain for the GOP 53,000 votes
  • Pennsylvania — Democrats have a 1,086,006-vote advantage.  Bad right?  Many of those vote straight like Republican and the advantage is down -150,000 since 2008 (25% of Obama’s entire winning margin). Net gain for the GOP 150,000 votes
  • Colorado — GOP advantage today is 98,000, up from 9,000 in 2008. Net gain for the GOP 91,000 votes

Outer Burroughs:

  • New Mexico — Democrat advantage today of 196,758 voters, down 20,000 from 2008.
  • North Carolina — Today: Democrat advantage of 769,926 voters, down 95,000 from 2008. Like Pennsylvania, many of these Democrats are straight-line Republican voters.

Note: Virginia does not register by party affiliation

Florida Ground Game Crossing 6,000,000 Voter Contacts…Over 17x More than 2008

Anyone doubting the seriousness of the extensive Super Saturday’s or the entire GOP team’s investment in the ground game just needs to look at these staggering figures in Florida:

The former Massachusetts governor, who accepted his party’s nomination three weeks ago in nearby Tampa, has made a concentrated effort to reach out to Hispanic voters here in recent days, touting his opposition to the Castro government in Cuba and harping about the Hispanic jobless rate hovering at more than 10 percent for 50 straight months. And in an appeal to the state’s older voters, he said Mr. Obama’s health care law, muscled through Congress in 2010, siphons $716 billion out of Medicare, the federal health care program for people age 65 or older.It’s all part of the campaign’s broader effort to appeal to voters in Florida, a key swing state that has picked the eventual White House winner in the past four presidential elections.

“It’s always an important state when you look at the electoral map, so we are going to work very hard to compete and win here,” said Kevin Madden, a top Romney adviser. “That’s reflected in our organizational effort. This week, we will make our six-millionth volunteer-voter contact and we have opened ‘victory offices’ with the RNC all over the state, over 40 of them. That shows you the level of attention we’re paying to the state.”

From a report last week when Romney crossed 5.5 million contacts that contrasts greatly with the 2008 effort:

[D]on’t underestimate how much stronger the GOP/Mitt Romney ground game is this year compared to four years ago. Last weekend featured another “Super Saturday” statewide voter outreach effort. The Romney campaign has made more than 5.5 million voter contacts in Florida this year, including 16 times more phone calls than in 2008 and 77 times more door knocks than in 1998. [Ed. — I’m guessing they meant 2008 and not 1998 since that wasn’t even a Presidential election year]

And if 5.5 million is 16x more calls, then 6 million is more than 17x more calls with just over 6 weeks left to go!

Iowa Ground Game Joins the 1,000,000 Contact Club

Earlier we blogged the impressive ground performance of the Colorado and Nevada Victory Teams crossing the 1,000,000 voter contact thresholds. Now we get work Iowa joined the ranks.

Let’s put this in perspective for a state like Iowa:

  • In 2008, a total of 1,511,319 votes were cast for the two major party candidates
  • In 2004, a total of 1,493,855 votes were cast for the two major party candidates
  • This week in 2004, Bush-Cheney ’04 made 839,706 volunteer calls and 64,776 volunteer door knocks in 14 target states. That’s an average of 60k calls per state.

I’m sure there were plenty of duplicates but it is still hugely impressive that in mid-September the GOP has contacted 55-65% of potential voters and there is still 6.5 weeks left in the campaign. The drumbeat of inevitability for Obama’s re-election never mentions the incredible improvement in every phase of the ground game by the GOP Victory campaigns across the country.  It will make a meaningful difference on election day and will likely be THE difference in many close wins for Romney. Here is the send-up of Iowa GOP crossing the 1,000,000 voter contact threshold:

The Romney-Ryan campaign turned the tables on one of its volunteers Friday afternoon. Karen Zmoos of Cedar Rapids was making calls from the Republican Victory headquarters when her cellphone started ringing. On the other end of the line was former New Hampshire governor and Romney campaign surrogate John Sununu. He was calling to congratulate Zmoos – and the entire Cedar Rapids Victory office – for its efforts. The millionth Iowa voter contact was a phone call from the Cedar Rapids office earlier this week.

“I’m from New Hampshire where we really, really believe in the blocking and tackling of campaigning,” Sununu said. “I can’t tell you how significant that is to getting Mitt Romney elected.” Zmoos has a pretty good idea of the importance of her efforts. She’s been making calls for Romney since 2008. “This is what I can do,” Zmoos said after getting off the phone. She has no idea how many calls she’s made and doors she’s knocked on, but said it’s a team effort.

The original plan to celebrate the millionth voter contact was for vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan to call Zmoos, but apparently called her home number, a campaign staffer said. “I’ll have a nice message from Paul Ryan when I get home,” said Zmoos.

According to the Republican National Committee’s Victory campaign, Iowa Republicans already have contacted more voters this year than they did in the entire 2008 campaign. And there are six weeks until Election Day. “Time for another million calls,” Sununu said. “We’re on it,” Zmoos said.

Voter Contact Exceeds 1 Million Mark: Nevada and Colorado

Something important to note about the GOP ground game post just below, the Washington Post only talked about the large impact outside groups are having in assisting Republicans.  But the RNC under Reince Priebus and previously Michael Steele not only aggressively sought out voter registrations months ago but also implemented Super Saturdays nationwide to knock on doors, register voters and call on behalf of Romany and Republicans.  These were monthly dry runs for what is always a chaotic turn-out-the vote effort on election day.  Well, the results across the Battlegrounds have been staggering versus the 2008 campaign.  Buried at the bottom of this ABC report about bolstering Colorado and Nevada efforts (we blogged the Nevada boost 2 days ago) are incredible metrics showing a dramatically more robust effort in 2012:

With polls showing Mitt Romney locked in tight races with President Obama in Colorado and Nevada, the Republican National Committee — in conjunction with the Romney campaign — is beefing up its operation in the two western battlegrounds. GOP officials tell ABC News that the RNC is “adding additional staff” in both states — some of whom are being re-assigned from their posts in New Mexico (though the officials noted they “are maintaining offices and staff” there.) … GOP sources tell ABC they have already “passed the 1 million voter contact mark” in both states.


In Nevada, Republicans say they have made “4 times more phone calls and 12 times more door knocks than this time in 2008″…


… and in Colorado: “4 times more phone calls and 6 times more door knocks than this time” four years ago.


Other data points the Republicans cite: A 12 percent unemployment rate in Nevada and an 8.3 percent unemployment rate in Colorado where some 224,000 residents are out of work.

Republican Ground Game to Make the Difference in November

I make fun of the absurdity of polls showing Obama outperforming his 2008 turnout advantage for three main reasons:

  1. First. it is based on sensationalistic hype surrounding an allegedly never-before-seen micro-targeting that will revolutionize turnout. I don’t buy sensationalistic marketing claims in any aspect of my life and especially when it comes from a guy who claimed he could cool the planet and push back the tides when he was running last time.
  2. Second, the enthusiasm among Obama’s “coalition of the ascendent”[the predicate for Democrat talk of dominance for decades to come] no where near matches 2008 levels, yet polling models assume even higher rates of these minority groups will turn out this year despite far lower enthusiasm.
  3. Third, the GOP ground game is vastly superior to its 2008 half-hearted effort. We’ve blogged dramatic shifts in voter registration in Iowa, a net change away from Democrats to Independents of nearly 1,000,000 registrations among Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and North Carolina since the 2008, and serious ugliness for Democrats in Ohio yet our friendly unbiased pollsters see huge Democrat turnout advantages everywhere they look.

Now the Washington Post is picking up on this third point with a write-up on GOP successes on the ground this Fall that could add as much as 3% to Romney’s total:

Organizers from both parties report growing evidence that new voter-outreach programs funded by conservative groups could give GOP nominee Mitt Romney an edge if the race is close. In the key battleground states, Obama’s celebrated network of organizing experts and neighborhood captains is being challenged by a conservative coalition that includes the National Rifle Association, the billionaire-backed Americans for Prosperity and a newly muscular College Republicans organization with a $16 million budget The conservative groups “are fully funded and ready for hand-to-hand combat,” said Steve Rosenthal, a Democratic organizer.

  • Florida — Republican legislation effectively dampened pro-Democratic voter registration efforts during critical months in 2011 and 2012, resulting in registration gains for Republicans in the crucial Tampa Bay area since the 2008 election.
  • Ohio — the evangelical group behind a successful anti-same-sex-marriage amendment that helped mobilize conservative voters in 2004 says it has a network of 10,000 churches and a database of millions of rural voters who will be targeted with in-person visits and voter guides.
  • Wisconsin — conservatives have built a house-by-house turnout machine already tested in the successful campaign to fight a union-backed recall of GOP Gov. Scott Walker in June.

Experts say that if Obama’s lead in key states extends beyond a few percentage points, even the most effective field operation on the right may not be enough to prevent a Romney loss. But, they say, the operation can add two to three points to the Republican’s total and, in a close contest, that could be a significant difference…”It’s a much more robust field operation than the 2008 McCain campaign had, that’s clear,” said Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager.


One of the major players on the right is Americans for Prosperity, a group co-founded by conservative billionaire David Koch. The group plans to spend $125 million on the 2012 campaign, half of it devoted to field organizing in political battlegrounds. AFP has 116 staff members on the ground targeting 9 million voters the group has found to be “up in the air” about how to assess Obama’s economic record, said its president, Tim Phillips. The group has honed many of its techniques in Wisconsin, where it spent millions on the effort to keep Walker in office. The group there is deploying a new smartphone application, Prosperity Knocks, to guide canvassers to the right doors. Of the group’s 120,000 members in Wisconsin, it has 4,000 super activists, dubbed “Prosperity Champions,” who have participated in multiple actions, the group says. “This is a totally new ballgame,” said Luke Hilgemann, the Wisconsin director for AFP, who oversees 12 full-time staff members and thousands of volunteers in his state. “We’re matching the left and exceeding them in lots of things that we’re doing.” Wisconsin Family Action, another social conservative organization in the state, is sending voter guides and DVDs to its network of 3,000 churches, said Julaine Appling, the group’s president. “Here in Wisconsin, we’ve become pretty well-schooled in ground games,” she said.


Activists report similarly honed skills in Ohio. Phil Burress, chairman of the group Citizens for Community Values Action and the leader of the marriage campaign in 2004, said he has been operating half a dozen phone-bank centers since May. He said he has a database of 8.4 million Ohioans and plans to distribute 2 million voter guides to 10,000 churches, with a focus on rural parts of the state that he said posted low turnout in 2008. Burress said many of his activists are motivated by Obama’s recent announcement supporting same-sex marriage. “It’s like 2004 all over again,” he said.

College Republicans and the NRA

In Ohio and other states, an emerging force in conservative voter outreach is the College Republican National Committee, which has expanded this year to 63 paid, full-time field staff members and has formed a joint super PAC with American Crossroads, the group founded in part by Karl Rove, who was an adviser to President George W. Bush, to target young voters. Gun enthusiasts will be hearing with greater intensity this year from the NRA, which spent $30 million in 2008 and plans to focus less this year on television advertising and more on voter recruiting. The group has hired 25 campaign field directors and posted them in battleground states, while it has begun churning out hundreds of thousands of pieces of targeted literature, said Chris Cox, the group’s chief political strategist. Cox said advancements in technology have improved the organization’s voter-targeting abilities “from a traditional shotgun blast into more of a rifle shot.”


In Florida, the Atlas Project has identified Democratic vulnerability in critical areas of the state. For example, the organization found that Democratic Party registration in the counties in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area has dropped by about 64,000 since the 2008 election, while Republican registration has increased by more than 50,000. Obama campaign officials point out that registration in Florida and many other states will continue for several more weeks and that Democrats are on track to make big gains. For the past two months, they said, the number of registered Democrats has increased more than the number of registered Republicans in Florida and other key states with party registration. Even in 2008, a large share of the Democratic registration gains did not occur until the final push.

Daniel Smith, a political scientist at the University of Florida who has studied the effects of voter laws, said his data show that Florida’s Republican-backed legislation dampened registration in 2011 and early 2012, as some liberal groups stopped signing up voters. But since the courts rejected the law in May, Smith said, “I think we are seeing an effective effort to catch up.” Democrats on the ground remain worried. “There’s no question the legislature and the governor made it more of a challenge” to register Democrats this year, said Dan Gelber, a former legislator from Miami Beach who has been assisting the Obama team with voter registration. “I would not counsel overconfidence in Florida, notwithstanding the daily missteps of the Romney campaign.”

Romney Ground Game to Keep Pennsylvania in Play?

The ad dollars don’t lie and for now Team Romney is not aggressively playing for Pennsylvania in the all important TV ad game.  But the Super Saturdays continue apace and the numbers are staggering in their out-performance of McCain 2008. The one state that risks getting out of hand among Battlegrounds is Pennsylvania but the ground work tells a very different story:

Republican Mitt Romney and allied organizations are off the airwaves in Pennsylvania’s television markets for now, raising questions about how much the challenger is willing to contend for its 20 electoral votes. And yet Romney and his allies with the Republican National Committee are reaching out to voters in Pennsylvania (and other swing states) with a ground game that is far more intensive than the party was able to muster in support of John McCain four years ago.

So far, Romney volunteers have made nearly two million voter contacts by phone call and door-to-door canvassing, said Kate Meriwether, state spokeswoman for the Romney campaign. She said that 250,000 of those contacts had been door knocks. That was nine times more phone calls and 64 times more door visits than the John McCain campaign had managed in Pennsylvania within two weeks of election day 2008, Meriwether said. Last Saturday, which was the monthly “Super Saturday” for the Romney GOTV effort, volunteers knocked on about 50,000 doors and made more than 130,000 phone calls.

On Wednesday, the state’s top Republicans, Gov. Corbett and Sen. Pat Toomey, said that they believe Pennsylvania is competitive despite what the polls have said. “My sense is that the polls reported on in the press diverged completely from the polls I had internally,” Toomey said in a conference call with reporters. “I am just skeptical of the polling data I have seen.” Corbett said that private GOP polls, which he did not detail, “ lead me to believe that this race is much closer” than the 7.7 percentage point advantage Obama enjoyed in the average of all public Pennsylvania polls compiled by the Real Clear Politics website.

The governor also suggested that voters are inured to 30-second spots. “Television ads have been on in this race for over a year now – a lot of people see (an) ad and turn it right off,” Corbett said. “If we keep our head down and keep hitting these numbers, it’s going to be a real shock to Team Obama in late October,” Meriwether said.

Romney Opens Victory Office in Steubenville, Ohio

As part of the Super Saturday in Ohio, the Romney campaign opened another field office in Steubenville:

The Republican Party is heating up the Presidential race in Ohio; a state they know is critical to winning the election in November. The Romney Campaign opened new headquarters on Saturday inside the Fort Steuben Mall. Ohio Valley republicans were there show their support and had a chance to speak with local politicians.

Congressman Bill Johnson and Senator Pat Toomey also attended to kick off Romney’s new Campaign headquarters. They discussed topics important to the upcoming election, such as job creation and Obama-care. Senator Toomey says Romney’s experience in the private sector will enable him to make it easier for entrepreneurs and small business owners to create news jobs throughout the state.

Also at Saturday’s event, volunteers were signed up to make calls and go door-to-door for the Romney campaign. Congressman Johnson says it’s supporters like the ones at Saturday’s event that can determine the Presidential election. Republicans also say they will work to change current EPA regulations that are hindering energy production in industries important to the Ohio Valley such as coal and shale.

Obama supporters protested outside the mall. 7 News was told they had to be asked to leave inside near where the headquarters are located.

Romney Super Saturday in Pennsylvania

The Keystone State had Super Saturdays at the opening of its Bucks County field office.  Offices opened across Pennsylvania in Erie and Beaver also:

Statewide and nationally, volunteers will make hundreds of thousands of voter contacts by phone and in person. July was the earliest the RNC has tested its ground game operation. With a rising unemployment rate and a record 42 months of 8 percent plus unemployment in the news today and President Obama’s continued failure to keep his promises and help the middle class, we expect hundreds of volunteers on the phones and knocking on doors to promote Governor Romney’s focus on job creation and economic growth. Please join us for our Bucks County GOP Victory Office Grand Opening and Super Saturday Rally with Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

Bucks County Victory Office Opening and Super Saturday Rally
Saturday, August 4th at 10 AM
Special Guest:  Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick

Bucks County GOP Victory Office
115 North Broad Street
Doylestown, PA 18901

The office will be open from 9:00AM to 9:00PM this Saturday, and every Monday-Saturday from now until the election.  Volunteers are encouraged to drop by to help or contact the Victory Field Director below.

Contact Blake Gober, Bucks County Victory Office Director at bgober@pagop.org or 484-250-3183 to Volunteer.

Massive Romney “Super Saturday” in Virginia

The Romney campaign with the help of high powered surrogates held 11 “super Saturday” events around Virginia:

This Saturday, Republicans in Virginia and around the country will kick off the second monthly “Super Saturday” weekend ahead of November. Statewide and nationally, volunteers will make literally hundreds of thousands of voter contacts by phone and in person. July was the earliest the GOP has tested its ground game operation.

With a rising unemployment rate and a record 42 months of 8 percent plus unemployment in the news today, President Obama’s continued failure to keep his promises and help the middle class, we expect hundreds of volunteers on the phones and knocking on doors to promote Governor Romney’s focus on job creation and economic growth. Please join us for our “Super Saturday” marquee events in Leesburg and Arlington as well as other kick off events across the commonwealth.

Leesburg, 9am, Super Saturday Kickoff with Gov. Bob McDonnell, Gov. Scott Walker, Rep. Frank Wolf

Loudoun Victory Office
18 Royal Street, SE
Leesburg, VA

Arlington, 11am Romney for President Virginia Headquarters Grand Opening with  Gov. Scott Walker, RNC Political Director Rick Wiley

Romney for President Virginia Headquarters
3811 Fairfax Drive, Suite 750
Arlington, VA

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Romney “Super Saturday” in Colorado

Romney “Super Saturday” events will be held across Colorado with a host of top state Republicans:

Looking to help register and sway more voters in this critical swing state, some of Colorado’s most prominent Republicans are hitting the streets and working the phones Saturday on behalf of their party and its presidential candidate. The campaign’s main talking point will focus on Friday’s July jobs report and the uptick in unemployment, proof, according to Mitt Romney and his campaign’s army of surrogates, that the economy is sputtering.

  • Douglas County, Congressman Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, and statehouse Speaker Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch, will lead the outreach efforts at an event in Castle Rock.
  • Gardner, who represents the sprawling 4th Congressional District, will also headline events later Saturday in Fort Collins and Greeley.
  • Congressman Doug Lamborn will appear at a campaign event in Colorado Springs and Congressional candidate Joe Coors, challenging Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter for his 7th Congressional District seat, will host the Saturday morning event in Thornton.
  • Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call and former Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp will also be leading events, according to the Romney campaign.

Romney “Super Saturday” in Iowa

Iowa “Super Saturday” write-up includes an interesting nugget demonstrating the level of commitment from the national party towards Iowa and the November election. Buried at the end of the piece it mentions “This year marks the first time the Republican National Committee has put staff in with the Des Moines County Republicans’ headquarters.”  Very interesting.  Here’s the whole thing:

Des Moines County Republicans haven’t fully settled into their new digs yet in preparation for the Nov. 6 election. But volunteers are so eager to get started that phone calls already have been made and doors already have been knocked on.  To officially begin their efforts in Des Moines County, Republicans are having a Super Saturday event at their new location.  The Republican headquarters for Des Moines County is 3125 Agency St. Hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Starting at 9 a.m. Saturday, volunteers will gather at the HQ and begin making calls or organizing to go out onto the street. The event is part of a national event. This is the second Super Saturday event put on by Republicans across the country but the first in Burlington.  The event will continue throughout the day and anyone is welcome, as long as they’re willing to go to work for southeast Iowa’s Republican candidates.

“There are a whole bunch of volunteers who are fired up about electing Mitt Romney and other candidates in that (southeast Iowa) area,” said Tom Szold, a spokesman with the Republican National Committee. “We’re going to get a lot done on Saturday, I think.”  He said people in Burlington, like a lot of places, feel President Barack Obama’s policies haven’t delivered and therefore they are ready to work hard for his opponent, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  This year marks the first time the Republican National Committee has put staff in with the Des Moines County Republicans’ headquarters. “We are fairly optimistic this year for a variety of reasons,” said Des Moines County Republican co-chairman B.J. Jahn.

Romney “Super Saturday” in Florida

Here is a brief on the Florida “Super Saturday” sites:

Republican supporters across the state will spend Saturday making phone calls and going door-to-door to rally support for Gov. Mitt Romney and other Florida Republicans. The event — dubbed Super Saturday by the campaign — is meant to energize voters and get support for Republican candidates.

Campaign officials said a similar event last month resulted in volunteers contacting more than 100,000 voters in one day. Volunteers will be making calls Saturday out of the Fort Myers Romney Victory Office, 17595 S. U.S. 41. Similar events will be held in Gainesville, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach and Tampa.

Update: Florida Governor Rick Scott stopped by the Jacksonville “Super Saturday”:

Governor Rick Scott is visiting Jacksonville Saturday. He’s here for the nationwide “Super Saturday” campaign effort for Mitt Romney. The governor will be at the Victory headquarters on Beach Boulevard between mid morning and lunch time.

Scott’s visit is part of a series of  massive volunteer mobilization efforts. The goal is not just to know which voters are on board with Romney, but to test the presidential campaign’s ability to turn out the vote – something the GOP struggled with in 2008.

“It’s a way for us to stress-test the network,” said Rick Wiley, political director for the RNC last month, which is running the voter contact effort jointly with the Romney campaign. The results are being tracked in real time through software applications that allow volunteers to enter information into their cellphones on the voter’s doorstep. Information from phone calls is also recorded. A “dashboard” allows Wiley and campaign staff to monitor results as they happen.

“We learn a lot about what our volunteers are capable of doing. As we get into the fall, there’s a ton of voters to cover,” said Dave Kochel, Romney’s Iowa consultant. “More than testing specific messages, we’re testing the effectiveness of our organization.” The GOP is running these Saturday tests once a month. The information is used as the campaign progresses to guide decisions such as where to deploy volunteers, where to focus early-voting turnout efforts, and which areas have the most undecided voters.

Romney “Super Saturday” in Michigan

Today is another “Super Saturday” where Romney campaign offices around the country will canvas the battleground states registering voters and making certain every Romney vote gets counted.  Here are the Michigan details:

Mitt Romney supporters all across the state plan to make this Saturday, a “Super Saturday”. Volunteers across Michigan will pack “victory centers” to make calls and some will go door-to-door to garner support for the Republican presidential candidate. The Romney mobile headquarters bus will make stops at the following locations:

Monroe Michigan March to Victory

  • Monroe Victory Office
  • 40 S. Monroe Street
  • Monroe, MI
  • 9:30 AM

Livingston Michigan March to Victory

  • Livingston Romney Victory Office
  • 2554 E. Grand River Avenue
  • Howell, MI
  • 12:00 PM

Lake Orion Michigan March to Victory

  • Oakland- Lake Orion Romney Victory Office
  • 3048 W. Clarkson Road
  • Lake Orion, MI
  • 4:15 PM

Oakland – Royal Oak Michigan March to Victory

  • Royal Oak Romney Victory Office
  • 30701 Woodward Avenue
  • Royal Oak, MI
  • 5:45 PM

Romney Beating Obama in Virginia … Field Offices

Yesterday we saw the Romney campaign quickly closing in on President Obama’s ground game advantage in Ohio via opened field offices.  Now comes a report that Romney has taken the lead among field offices in Virginia:

On June 30, the Republicans’ “Victory 2012” campaign – a joint effort of Romney’s camp, the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Virginia – opened more than a dozen offices around the state. The GOP state offices now outnumber Obama’s, 23 to 17. The push, which Romney campaign officials say picked up 1,500 new volunteers, came on the heels of Romney’s two-day stint in the state, where he campaigned in Salem, near Roanoke, and in Sterling in Loudoun County. This past weekend, Republicans followed up with a “Super Saturday” push, reaching out to voters in Norfolk, Charlottesville and Fairfax.

New line of attack

Republicans will also open a new line of attack on the president today, with the Republican National Committee launching a website and series of events countering the president’s accusations that Romney outsourced jobs while at Bain Capital. The GOP website, ObamanomicsOutsourced.com, will focus on the president’s stimulus plan, claiming to offer “the truth about how Obama shipped the recovery overseas.”

Obama up for the challenge in the Old Dominion state

Obama kicked off his re-election effort with a rally in Richmond on May 5. He is expected to make stops in the Greater Richmond area this weekend as part of his scheduled two-day campaign swing through the state. Obama is expected to fly into Richmond International Airport on Saturday in eastern Henrico County and is expected to make a stop in South Richmond, according to a source familiar with the schedule who spoke on condition of anonymity. Additional details of the visit could not be determined. The president is also expected to make stops in Roanoke and the Tidewater region.

Iowa Evangelicals on Board with Romney

As if her 1300+ words in USA Today wasn’t enough, Jennifer Jacobs filed another 1100+ words on the evangelical vote and Romney’s appeal to this most-important voter bloc in Iowa. Included in this great piece is a nugget where of 12 evangelicals who viewed Romney “very unfavorable” in February, 11 are now voting for him.  Such is the unpopularity of Obama:

Romney’s strength in the 2012 Iowa caucuses was with economic voters, especially those in the Des Moines suburbs. But the same evangelical conservatives who sidestepped Romney twice in the Iowa caucuses could be his best friends in the
general election.

Local surrogate importance of Rep. Steve King

As the general election approaches, Romney is running as strongly as conservative icon U.S. Rep. Steve King with voters in Iowa’s GOP-dominant western coast, according to internal polling obtained by The Des Moines Register. That’s a good sign for Romney — there’s no such thing as a King/Obama voter. If Iowa’s evangelicals put a GOP presidential candidate over the top, it wouldn’t be the first time. Everyone — including the Register’s Iowa Poll — thought Democrat John Kerry would win Iowa in 2004. But a larger than expected evangelical voter turnout in the western part of the state secured the Iowa trophy for George W. Bush.  The guy with the spatula who flipped Iowa for Bush that year? King, said Chuck Laudner, the congressman’s former district director.

Repeat of 2004 or maybe not

Romney isn’t repeating Karl Rove’s 2004 appeal-to-the-base strategy in Iowa, his campaign strategists say. The Rove-directed George W. Bush re-election campaign targeted mainly northwest Iowa and a ring of Des Moines suburbs. Romney’s campaign intends to hold those coalitions in place, while pursuing voters in purple counties in eastern Iowa, southeast Iowa and central Iowa. President Barack Obama’s perceived liberal agenda alone is a bloody shirt that revs up the right, so Romney can invest his dollars in reeling in independents and conservative Democrats, numbers that could put him over the top in what is expected to be a close race here. And his message will focus on the economy, an issue that plays to his background as a businessman and the emotions of listeners pummeled by the recession and its aftermath.

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Romney “Super Saturday” in Nevada Details

I can’t find anything on the wires so here is the official release from the campaign for the Nevada Super Saturday.  Remember Team Nevada is the real state GOP party following the Ron Paul supporters coup of state party officer positions.

On Saturday July 7th volunteers from Nevada will join with others around the nation to phone bank and go door-to-door for Mitt and the rest of the Team Nevada Republican candidates! Team Nevada is also excited to welcome former U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez to Las Vegas this Saturday where he will thank Super Saturday volunteers for their hard work!

Team Nevada Office Locations

  • Las Vegas (Summerlin) Office; 9640 West Tropicana Avenue, Suite 106, Las Vegas, NV 89147
  • Henderson Office; 8915 S. Pecos Road, Henderson, NV 89074
  • Reno Office; 3702 S. Virginia Street, Suite G1, Reno, NV 8950

Romney “Super Saturday” in Iowa

Props to the local CBS networks for reporting on the Romney “Super Saturdays.”  Here is Channel 3 in North Iowa, KIMT reporting on the voter outreach in Iowa:

The Republican Party is kicking off some intense volunteer efforts leading up to the November 6th elections. It’s called Super Saturday. It’s happening in swing states, including Iowa. Volunteers with the Republican Party are canvassing neighborhoods, knocking on doors the same way they will right before the election in November. “We’re getting out, we’re knocking on doors, we’re making phone calls, we’re talking to voters,” said volunteer Gabe Haugland. Haugland is one of the volunteers making the rounds in North Iowa. “Super Saturday is in preparation for the Get out the Vote effort in November. We’re testing our operations,” said Haugland.

The goal: To sway undecided voters and encourage people to make their voice heard in November. “I think Iowans expect it. They’re very educated voters, they’re sophisticated, they know the issues and so it’s important to get out and put the facts in their hands,” Haugland said. It’s a campaign strategy volunteers believe can make a big difference. “I think it means something when your neighbor shows up on your doorstep and is able to explain to you why they support Mitt Romney or why they support Steve King. I think that goes a long way, I think it’s really effective,” Haugland said.

The information gathered from Super Saturday will be used to determine things like which areas have the most undecided voters. The data will then help the party decide where to concentrate their future volunteer efforts.

Romney “Super Saturday” in Florida

The local Naples CBS station reports on the Romney “Super Saturday” voter blitz in Florida:

The Romney Campaign is open for business in Collier County. As part of Super Saturday, where 30 local offices in Florida spent the day reaching out to voters, the Republican Headquarters in Naples was transformed into the Romney Campaign office. Collier County has long been Romney Country. The Presumptive Republican Nominee carried Collier with 57% of the vote in this years primary. He also won it four years ago. But Naples Mayor John Sorey, the Honorary Collier County Campaign Chairman, says the former Massachusetts Governor will need a higher percentage that that if the republicans hope to carry the state. “We’re looking to get 70 percent, we want to get the republicans and the independents,” said Sorey, who cut the ribbon outside the office on US 41 in Naples. “It’s critical that we get an overwhelming victory here if we’re going to carry the state of Florida.”

The Obama Campaign has had its Collier County office up and running for the last three months. Republicans say the delay is due to the contested primary. Sorey says the late start shouldn’t make an impact. “If we don’t deliver Florida we’ll lose the election, that’s how critical it is.” The Romney Campaign has more than 30 local offices in Florida with another 20 planned to open before the election.

Romney “Super Saturday” in Michigan

The local CBS Detroit station in Michigan reports on the Romney “Super Saturday” voter blitz  in Michigan:

The Republican National Committee — in conjunction with Romney for President and the Michigan Republican Party — will host four Super Saturday events at Victory offices in Ann Arbor, Livonia, Utica and Bloomfield Hills. These events coincide with Super Saturdays across the country where thousands of Republican volunteers and supporters will make hundreds of thousands of volunteer and voter contacts by knocking on doors and making phone calls. Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak will be on hand at each event to greet and thank supporters and volunteers. The 2012 Victory effort will be one of the largest GOP get-out-the-vote operations in Michigan history, according to the group. The Victory operation is a joint effort between the RNC, Michigan Republican Party, and Romney for President to “elect Republicans up and down the ticket.”

  • Ann Arbor — 10:45 a.m. Location: Washtenaw Victory Office; 4695 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
  • Livonia — 11:45 p.m. Livonia Victory Center; 29635 Plymouth Ave #G140,Livonia, MI 48150
  • Utica — 1:15 p.m. Macomb Victory Center; 13285 Hall Road Suite C125, Utica, MI 48315
  • Bloomfield Hills – 2:15 p.m. Location: Oakland Victory Center; 42611 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

Romney “Super Saturday” in Ohio

Here is the Associated Press’ report on John Boehner kicking off the Romney voter blitz in Ohio:

House Speaker John Boehner knew he’d find a friendly crowd Saturday when he arrived in Liberty Township to open the Republican Party’s Butler County campaign office. So instead of trying to win their votes, Boehner reminded the 50 or so party loyalists who attended that getting their fellow Republicans to the polls will be crucial if they’re serious about beating President Barack Obama this fall. “Ohio is going to decide this election,” Boehner said. “If we win Ohio, Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States.”

Although Butler County has been a GOP stronghold for years and likely will be again this fall, Republicans and Democrats see it as a crucial battleground. The sense of urgency comes four months after Butler County voters stayed away from the polls in droves during the March 6 Ohio primary. Turnout was about 18 percent, even though the Republican primary still was hotly contested. In a county that gave 60 percent of the vote to John McCain in 2008, Republicans know a good showing can make a difference this fall. “Butler County is kind of the epicenter in Ohio,” said Kevin Crowther, a Liberty Township resident who attended the rally Saturday. He and dozens of others went door-to-door after Boehner’s speech to hand out pro-Romney brochures and to urge Republicans to vote.

Romney “Super Saturday” in Virginia

The Associated Press weighs in on Virginia‘s “Super Saturday” voter blitz:

Virginia Republican officials are sponsoring what they call “Super Saturday” events in three locations. The Republican Party of Virginia is sponsoring the events in Norfolk, Charlottesville and Fairfax to launch what they bill as the largest GOP get-out-the-vote operation in Virginia. The Republican National Committee and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign are also part of the Saturday blitz. Republicans say they’ll part of a national effort to make hundreds of thousands of voter contacts by knocking on doors and making phone calls. Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling will kick off the Charlottesville opening, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and U.S. Senate candidate George Allen will be in Fairfax, while the chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, Pat Mullins, will do the honors at the Norfolk office.

Reuters estimates about 120 volunteers braved 106 degree heat and showed up in Fairfax:

Republican officials said they were determined to catch up with an intense ground game of their own. The party and Romney’s campaign have opened 23 offices in the state in the hope of recapturing Virginia’s 13 electoral votes this year. “No matter how much the president decides to stick into the state, we’re going to match them,” one party official said. In Fairfax, about 120 Republicans came out in 106-degree F (41-degree C) heat on Saturday to knock on voters’ doors. Dozens staffed a telephone bank.

This is happening in Battleground states all over the country and will continue once a month from now through election day.

Romney “Super Saturday” in Colorado

Picking up on the post from yesterday, the Associated Press has the goods on the Romney voter outreach in Colorado today:

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney are making a push in Colorado to recruit volunteers and voters to gain ground in a key state where President Barack Obama has long had a presence. The Romney campaign is opening an office in Grand Junction on Saturday, the same day the Republican National Committee launches its first “Super Saturday” event. It’s an outreach effort nationwide targeting swing states. It’s another sign that Romney is amplifying his operations in places such as Colorado that are seen as pivotal to the election.

RNC spokesman Ryan Mahoney said the GOP is confident that Romney has momentum heading into the fall, and that Colorado looks to be close, even though Obama easily won the state in 2008. “Obama has not been able to use his incumbency to give him a leg up in Colorado,” Mahoney said. Romney opened his Colorado headquarters last month in the Denver suburb of Lakewood. Romney’s campaign said it has been working with the RNC and the state party for months to build field operations across Colorado. Mahoney said Republicans will ramp up operations in the coming weeks, and expect their offices in the state to number in the mid-to-high teens. Currently, 10 Romney campaign offices are in Colorado, Mahoney said.