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Restore Our Future (Pro-Romney) Launching Pennsylvania Ad Campaign

This is the SuperPAC of ex-Romney staffers so they’d be as close to reflecting Romney campaign sentiments as any organizations and they are clearly seeing something in the Keystone State:

Mitt Romney’s super PAC, Restore our Future, is launching an 11th-hour ad blitz in Pennsylvania, POLITICO has learned. ROF is going up Tuesday with a $2.1 million ad buy across every Pennsylvania market, including pricey Philadelphia. The group will air a spot, “New Normal,” that lashes President Obama on the economy and is already up in other parts of the country.

The late push for Pennsylvania comes as some internal GOP polling has shown the always-elusive Keystone State to be within a few points. But other public polling, including a survey released over the weekend by the Philadelphia Inquirer, shows Obama enjoying a lead outside the margin.  Romney’s campaign is not airing ads in Pennsylvania and the candidate himself has not been to the state recently.  Paul Ryan recently held a rally at a hangar outside Pittsburgh, but that was partly intended for Ohio consumption. But with Romney closing the gap nationally with Obama, money has been flooding into the GOP super PACs. The conservative group Americans for Job Security went up with a TV buy in Philadelphia over the weekend. So groups like ROF have a bit more of a luxury to try to broaden the political map.

Restore Our Future (Pro-Romney) SuperPAC Launches $17.7 million Ad Campaign

You can’t take it with you and Restore Our Future is unloading the ammunition (bayonets and all!)  in these final weeks:

Restore Our Future, the super PAC supporting Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, released two new TV spots as part of a $17.7 million ad campaign launched Tuesday in 10 battleground states.

One ad, “Genuinely Cares,” features an on-camera testimonial from Sgt. Peter Damon, whose injuries while serving in Iraq left him a double amputee. Damon recalls meeting Romney when the GOP nominee was serving as Massachusetts governor and says Romney “helped make a huge difference” in his life. The commercial showcases the compassionate side of Romney, who has often struggled to connect and has been branded as out of touch by his opponents.

The second ad, “Better,” focuses on President Barack Obama’s economic policies. A narrator states that “high unemployment has become normal” during Obama’s first term, while also citing the debt and credit downgrades. The spot is a similar to previous ads that have targeted the president’s economic record.

Both ads will air between Oct. 23 and Oct. 29 and will be rotated across the ten states, according to a press release from the super PAC. A state-by-state breakdown of the ad buy is below. Not surprisingly, $7 million of the total is geared toward Ohio and Florida — considered the must-win states this cycle.

  • Colorado: $1.2 million
  • Florida: $4.0 million
  • Iowa: $1.2 million
  • Michigan: $1.6 million
  • Nevada: $1.6 million
  • New Hampshire: $0.5 million
  • North Carolina: $1.8 million
  • Ohio: $3.0 million
  • Virginia: $2.9 million
  • Wisconsin: $1.3 million

The selections are smart tactically as these states put Romney well over 270 so why get greedy and potentially leave one of these on the table.  Putting the bow on North Carolina but still no Pennsylvania 😦

Restore Our Future (Pro-Romney SuperPAC) Launches $12 Million Ad Buy

There’s not that much time left before election day so everyone is emptying their war chests. The SuperPAC Restore Our Future run by former Romney staffers announced a large ad buy across 8-states starting next week. The advantage of these SuperPACs is the allow you to leave certain states (North Carolina) while also priming other states (Michigan) for possible future visits. The reality of this 3rd party ad buy though, is you see the campaign’s true priorities: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Virginia and Wisconsin. Ohio is missing from the list but I’d wager that is a typo. In the article below they list Nevada twice where I think they meant to include Ohio. When you see that list, it is the west/mid-west firewall Team Obama is trying to hold together (Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Wisconsin) plus key high electoral states (Florida and Virginia). These are the states that could ensure getting to 270 so it’s understandable they remain the sole focus despite the election night dreams for some of us:

The “super PAC” supporting Mitt Romney is making its most aggressive and expensive push yet in the advertising wars with a $12 million ad buy in nine states. The expenditure represents a significant expansion of the group’s advertising campaign and will be a major boost for Mr. Romney with only two and a half weeks to go before Election Day. The group, Restore Our Future, had been advertising only in a handful of states in recent weeks. But its latest ad buy will include almost all of the major battleground states — Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Nevada, Virginia and Wisconsin — plus Michigan, which has been relatively quiet because President Obama is believed to have a sizable advantage there.

The money is for just six days of ads starting on Tuesday and includes some huge sums, according to a firm that tracks political advertising. Restore Our Future has reserved around $1 million in airtime for Iowa and Wisconsin, an amount that ensures its message will be on television in heavy rotation there because of their smaller-sized media markets. It has also committed $2.5 million to Ohio and $2.3 million to Florida.

Restore Our Future’s ads will help Mr. Romney remain competitive on the air. Until recently, the Obama campaign had been outspending the Romney campaign and its Republican allies in several battleground states. But Republicans believe that with polls showing the race tightening, and a small but potentially pivotal slice of voters still undecided, a messaging barrage in the final days before the election could make all the difference. Carl Forti, a senior strategist for the group, said Thursday that the ads for the latest campaign are still being worked on.

Romney Still Battling for Michigan

Restore Our Future has a big ad buy in Michigan which is a great sign for Team Romney. The official campaigns cannot coordinate with the SuperPACs but don’t deceive yourself, these types of moves occur because the official campaign thinks it is money well spent. Restore Our Future is the SuperPAC run by all former senior Romney staffers.

Importantly, at  8:15am today there is a Victory Event at The Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville, Michigan hosted by Ann Romney. She will then drop by the Franklin Cider Mill in Bloomfield Hills at 2:40

The below excerpt if from Politico’s “Morning Score:”

RESTORE OUR FUTURE BUYING $1.5 MILLION IN MICHIGAN: The Romney super PAC will go on the air Saturday with “New Normal,” the economic-focused attack on President Obama’s record that they’ve run in a couple other states over the last few weeks. ‘Michigan is now a ‘toss up’ state for the Presidential race and it is no surprise that Mitt Romney is coming on strong in his native state,” writes Restore Our Future co-founder and counsel Charlie Spies. “Michiganders, who have felt the full weight of Barack Obama’s broken promises and failed policies, are increasingly energized by Mitt Romney’s clear vision for a stronger economy and better tomorrow.’

“New Normal”

New Restore Our Future ad going up in Wisconsin:

The Romney super PAC is putting $1.2 million behind an economic-focused attack ad against the president. “Welcome to the new normal,” a narrator says, “where over 8 percent unemployment is ‘doing fine’ and millions of Americans have simply given up, where our children will grow up under the weight of crushing debt in a world where America is no longer the leader. And we’re told we’re going ‘forward,’ even as we fall further behind…This is President Obama’s economy. Demand better.” The buy signals that, with Paul Ryan on the ticket, Restore our Future continues to see the Badger State as a prime pick-up opportunity.

Romney Super-PAC Running Ads in Wisconsin and Michigan

Wisconsin has been unsurprisingly percolating with President Obama stumping in the state he won by 14 points four years ago but Michigan has received scant attention by the campaigns. Now the pro-Romney Super-PAC Restore Our Future (this PAC are run by ex-Romney people) is putting up a major ad buy of $2.2 million across the states:

For July, the latest figures available, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate was 7.3% (up .3% since June) but still below the national average of 8.3%. Michigan stayed above that mark at 9.0% – up four tenths of a point from the previous month. Restore’s buy comes after both presidential campaigns last week invested in Wisconsin, and both Vice President Joe Biden and GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, who represents Wisconsin in the House, visited the state this week. In its electoral map, CNN rates the state as a toss-up. Michigan is rated as “lean Obama” on CNN’s electoral map. Romney was born in the state, and his father served as governor of Michigan. This is the first buy for Restore Our Future since before the Republican convention last month.

Olympians for Romney

Some of America’s best-known Olympic gold medalists are featured in a new super PAC ad touting Mitt Romney’s successful stewardship of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. Kristi Yamaguchi, Derek Parra and Jimmy Shea star in the new pro-Romney commercial paid for by Restore Our Future, the main super PAC supporting the Republican presidential candidate:

Romney on the Radio

The Battleground state radio waves are going to be hearing a lot more about Mitt Romney shortly:

A super PAC backing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says it’s spending $1 million on radio ads in nine states. Restore Our Future plans to put the 60-second ad on the air in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. In it, a female narrator says President Barack Obama has no record to run on and has resorted to negative attacks on Romney. The group is an independent committee run by former Romney aides. For his part, Romney has not spent heavily on radio ads and his advisers say they have none running at the moment. Obama has been airing ads aimed at promoting his record to rural and Hispanic voters.

Adding Up the Numbers in Ohio plus Battleground Focus

The Washington Post tallies up the total add spends in the all-important state of Ohio:

More than $39 million has been spent on television ads in Ohio by the two presidential candidates and their affiliated outside groups as of early July, according to data provided to the Fix by a Republican media buying firm, a massive outlay of campaign cash that re-affirms the centrality of the Buckeye State in the electoral calculus of both parties.  President Obama’s campaign has spent an eye-popping $22 million on ads in Ohio already in the race while former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has dropped $6.4 million.

Outside groups are also making an impression

Crossroads GPS, the 501(c)(4) arm of American Crossroads, has spent $3.1 million on ads in Ohio (and that’s before the $25 million expenditure the group announced Friday morning). Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers group, has spent $1.8 million on ads in Ohio as has Restore Our Future, a super PAC run by former Romney aides. On the Democratic side, the biggest outside spender on ads in Ohio is Priorities USA Action, a super PAC run by former White House aides. Priorities has spent $2.8 million in the Buckeye State.

Where the Battleground money is being spent

[H]ere’s a look at the five states where Obama and Romney have spent the most on ads as of July 3.

Obama: 1. Ohio ($22 million) 2. Florida ($17 million) 3. Virginia ($11.4 million) 4. North Carolina ($10.9 million) 5. Iowa ($8.5 million)

Romney: 1. Ohio ($6.4 million) 2. North Carolina ($4.7 million) 3. Virginia ($2.8 million) 4. Colorado ($2.7 million) 5. Iowa ($2.7 million)

Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Iowa make both lists. Colorado, which ranks fourth in spending for Romney, is sixth ($7.9 million) for Obama. Romney has spent just over $2 million in Florida but Crossroads GPS has dropped over $5 million on ads in the Sunshine State while Restore Our Future has spent $2.4 million there. Among the “swing” states where relatively little is being spent on ads includes Michigan (NO spending by either campaign), Wisconsin (NO spending by either campaign) and Pennsylvania ($5 million by Obama, zero by Romney).

Campaign Ad Buys — The Real Battlegrounds

Campaigns can talk all they want about where the real fight is for voters that will decide this election.  You’ll often hear campaign bravado like: “We’re fighting on GOP turf” or “We’re going to make them defend more states than ever before.” Despite all of this canned rhetoric, the true Battlegrounds are where the campaigns put precious resources to use on very expensive TV ad buys.  Thus far, both campaigns are holding nothing back:

President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney and their allies so far have spent a jaw-dropping $87 million on TV ads in just a handful of presidential battleground states, an early and unprecedented explosion of spending for a general election still a full five months away. Viewers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a metro area of 260,000 people, have each been subject to about 330 ads already, according to the Iowa-based media firm Strategic America, and the largely rural state has already seen $6 million in presidential campaign advertising since late April, with four of its metropolitan areas ranking in the top 20 for spending nationwide.

But television is only one (expensive) medium:

Television ads are just one component of a presidential campaign’s multimillion-dollar effort to woo voters; the Romney and Obama teams will also spend heavily on tools from digital targeting to field operations to direct mail.

Most importantly, where are these ads running?

Most commercials the campaigns and super PACs are running are only airing in nine states: Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire.

Those are your Battlegrounds and the ads are coming fast and furious:

“There hasn’t been a gentle ramp-up this year — it’s gone from zero to 60 very quickly,” said Ken Goldstein of Kantar-Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracks political spending.

Starting earlier:

The Obama campaign started running general election ads in late March, while the Republican nominating contest was still under way. Romney began spending on general election ads in April, after his remaining GOP rivals dropped out and the former Massachusetts governor became the party’s all-but-certain nominee. At least one independent group backing him went on the air in March with commercials intended to help him. The 2008 general election ad spending, by contrast, didn’t begin until late June, when Obama wrapped up the Democratic nomination against rival Hillary Rodham Clinton and shifted focus to Republican John McCain.

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