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Good Thing They Didn’t Air the Romney Bio Piece in Prime Time

Or air those personal testimonials when they had the nation’s attention at the national convention in Florida.

Idiot Eric Fehrnstrom has already been quoted as saying the Bain attacks were ineffective “like arrows bouncing off us” in the primaries.  No reason to give a full-throated defense or detailed endorsement of business success that will actually get people working again.   Thankfully Fehrnstrom can etech-a-sketch himself into oblivion now.

Team Romney said they were going to buy media time and run the bio in Battleground States.  Did anyone see it?  I have no reports of it airing.

Here is what I wrote in a private communication on September 28 to someone involved in the Romney campaign in Ohio:

Romney’s short-coming is he has yet to make the compelling case why the country should hire him (so far he’s really just been the not-Obama candidate).  In Romney’s corporate speak this is the longest job interview of his life and all he is doing is telling everyone he can [do] the job better (a losing interview strategy) when he needs to demonstrate he can do the job better (a winning interview strategy).

When the media cries for specifics, don’t dodge the question as he is doing or answer with policy specifics that will be used against him.  Launch into what it was like to create the companies he names in his speeches but doesn’t talk in detail about.  Talk about how many people have been employed over the life of the companies (not just the amount of employees today). Talk about late nights and tightening belts to make payroll and keep the lights on.  Talk about the sacrifices made to get to the next milestone to hopefully turn a fledgling company into a great success.  Demonstrate how these companies are doing great things in states A, B & C but he wants to bring that innovation and opportunity to Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin (depending on the location of the speech).  Beg the Obama campaign to bring up the steel mill where that guy’s wife died of cancer.  Talk about how the company was dying when Bain showed up.  Tell how many steel companies went under while Bain tried to retool and save the company.  Talk about how many more the years the company stayed open with thousands collecting paychecks because Bain kept the doors open as long as they could and this was 6-8 years longer than they would open have had Bain never been there. That’s thousands of people keeping paychecks and having an opportunity thanks to Bain not the other way around.  Demonstrate his great success and how it touched countless lives at every stage of his career. Demonstrate how he can do that for America instead of just talking about it.  We tried that last time.

New Yorker Concedes: Clint Eastwood was Right

This is the actual cover of next week’s magazine:

Cover Story: The First Presidential Debate

How Did Romney Do?

Opinions can vary typically across ideological lines but I thought Mark Halperin’s summation was apt:

By the standards of the Romney campaign victory imperatives, the candidate’s speech and many other elements of the truncated, three-day affair hit the mark:

  • Reduce the likelihood that voters will detest Mitt Romney by Election Day.
  • Keep the focus on the incumbent’s record on the economy, to the exclusion of everything else.
  • Message to the millions of voters who cast their lot with Obama in 2008 but are open to being for Romney this time.

By those yardsticks, much of this week’s program was very well executed, with some high-profile exceptions. Maybe Eastwood, et al, Isaac, and Obama campaign bracketing will offset Boston’s gains to some extent. But, without a doubt, the Romney campaign got a lot of business done in Tampa.

Pam Finlayson Speech for Mitt Romney RNC

RNC 2012: Church Members Share Moving Tale of Son’s Tragic Death

Mitt Romney’s Convention Speech

Marco Rubio’s Convention Speech

Mitt Romney: Introduction

Twitter Reactions throughout the Mitt Romney Speech (Reverse Order)

Twitter Reactions throughout the Marco Rubio Speech (Reverse Order)

“The Poster”

Paul Ryan’s Convention Speech

Governor Susana Martinez Speech

Secretary Condoleezza Rice’s Speech Brings the House Down

Twitter Reactions throughout the Paul Ryan Speech (Reverse Order)

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Revised Republican National Convention Schedule

Republican officials today released a revised convention-week schedule. Changes in the schedule are the result of the convention’s decision postpone the Monday, August 27 sessions due to weather-related concerns. The revised schedule is as follows:

Monday, August 27, 2012

2:00 p.m.

  • Chairman of the RNC Reince Priebus
  • Call to Order/Start Debt Clocks

2:10 p.m.

  • Announcement of Recess

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2:00 p.m.

  • Chairman of the RNC Reince Priebus
  • Color Guard Knights of Columbus
  • Pledge of Allegiance by Former Governor Tim Babcock (MT)/ Tom Hogan (FL)
  • National Anthem sung by Philip Alongi
  • Invocation by Rabbi Meir Soloveichik
  • Opening procedural steps, appointment of convention committees
  • Welcoming remarks, and House and Senate candidates and RNC auxiliaries
  • RNC Chairman Priebus
  • RNC Co-Chairman Sharon Day
  • Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn
  • Convention Chief Executive Officer William Harris
  • Chairman of Tampa Bay Host Committee Al Austin
  • Republican Congressional Candidates
  • State Delegate Barbara Comstock (VA)
  • Representative Tim Griffin (AR)
  • Republican Senate Candidates
  • Republican National Committee auxiliaries
  • Consideration of convention committee reports
  • RNC Chairman Reince Priebus
  • Committee on Credentials Chairman Mike Duncan
  • Committee on Permanent Organization Chairwoman Zoraida Fonalledas
  • Convention Permanent Chairman Speaker John Boehner, Presiding
  • Official Convention Photograph
  • Committee on Rules Chairman John Sununu
  • Committee on Resolutions Chairman Governor Bob McDonnell
  • Committee on Resolutions Co-Chairman U.S. Senator John Hoeven
  • Committee on Resolutions Co-Chairman U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn
  • Roll Call for Nomination of President of the United States
  • Roll Call for Nomination of Vice President of the United States

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Mitt Romney: What I Learned at Bain Capital

In what I suspect is a preview of his convention speech, Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed today in the Wall street Journal talking about his time at Bain Capital.  Here are my take-aways:

  • Bain succeeded by growing and fixing companies. Staples is one of many businesses Romney and Bain helped create and expand
  • His Bain experience prepared him to turn around the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City
  • He applied those same experiences as governor of Massachusetts to turn a budget deficit into a surplus and reduce our unemployment rate to 4.7%
  • For a business to succeed it requires a talented team, a good business plan and capital to execute it
  • He would apply these lessons in the White house to make it easier for entrepreneurs and small businesses to get the investment dollars they need to grow by:
  1. reducing and simplifying taxes
  2. replacing Obamacare with real health-care reform that contains costs and improves care
  3. stemming the flood of new regulations that are tying small businesses in knots
  • Romney’s faith in people, not government, is at the foundation of his plan to strengthen America’s middle class
  • Innovation is essential to the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing
  • Unfair trade practices are harming American workers
  • When Romney sees a problem, he runs toward it or it will only get worse
  • Romney knows what it takes to turn around difficult situations. He will put that experience to work, to get our economy back on track, create jobs, strengthen the middle class and lay the groundwork for America’s increased competitiveness in the world

Ryan Rally in Janesville, Wisconsin Monday (Aug 27) 10:45am

The Republican Convention kicks-off next week and Paul Ryan is heading home to Wisconsin from the campaign trail before leaving for Tampa.  You can join the groundswell of support for the future Vice President in his home town:

Convention Send-Off Rally with Paul Ryan with Janesville!

When: August 27, 2012 – 10:45am
Where: Janesville Craig High School, 401 South Randall Avenue, Janesville, WI 53545

You’re welcome to attend a Convention Send-Off Rally with Paul Ryan. Doors open at 8:45 AM and the event begins at 10:45 AM.

To RSVP and get your ticket, click here: http://conventionsendoff.eventbrite.com/

All attendees will go through airport-like security and should bring as few personal items as possible. No bags, sharp objects, umbrellas, liquids, or signs will be allowed in the venue. Cameras are permitted.

For Questions, contact us at: TeamWI@mittromney.com or call (608) 535-9307; For Important Campaign Updates: Text (WI) to GOMITT (466488)

Republican Convention Speakers Announced

Previously we blogged the big guns Romney is bringing out for the convention but the roster is getting filled out with plenty of fresh faces for the GOP.  Jim Geraghty at National Review broke the news:

This morning, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus announced to Campaign Spot six more speakers for the party’s national convention in Tampa:

  • U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, United States Senator from New Hampshire and former New Hampshire Attorney General.
  • Former Democratic National Convention Speaker Artur Davis, former Alabama congressman from the 7th District (2003-2011) who was the first member of Congress not from Illinois to endorse President Obama in 2008. Davis, then a Democrat, seconded the official nomination of Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. He recently announced he is joining the Republican Party and supporting Mitt Romney.
  • Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, 55th Governor of Louisiana, winning election in 2007 and winning reelection in all of the state’s 64 parishes in 2011; former U.S. Congressman; led the state’s response to the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf in 2010.
  • Congressman Connie Mack won the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate in Florida on August 14th and was first elected to the United States House of Representatives in November 2004.
  • Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, chairman of the Republican Governors Association and chairman of the Republican National Convention Committee on Resolutions, commonly known as the Platform Committee.
  • U.S. Senator Rob Portman, U.S. Senator from Ohio who won election in 2010 by 18 points, winning 82 of Ohio’s 88 counties, and former Congressman from Ohio’s 2nd  district.  He is also a former U.S. Trade Representative and former Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

“This exciting group of headliners includes two successful governors, two outstanding senators, the next senator from our convention state, and a former Co-Chairman of the 2008 Obama campaign,” Priebus said in a released statement. “The perspectives and ideas they bring to the convention stage will show all Americans that Romney and Ryan are the ticket to a better future. Former Congressman Davis especially will give voice to the frustration and disappointment felt among those who supported President Obama in 2008 and are now hungry for a new direction.”

Chris Christie and Marco Rubio Headline Republican Convention

The Romney campaign continues to bring out the big guns in the sprint to the finish in the general election:

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, will bring his blunt, everyman style of politics to a global stage as the keynote speaker of the Republican National Convention, officials announced on Tuesday. Mr. Christie, who briefly considered running for president himself last year, will deliver one of the most closely watched speeches of the week…A former prosecutor, Mr. Christie has become a political sensation by discarding the usual pleasantries in favor of a brash and sometimes abrasive approach to governing. At town hall meetings in his state, he often argues with his constituents. When he thinks someone is stupid, he calls them stupid.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, a Republican rising star who had been considered as a vice-presidential nominee for Mitt Romney, will introduce Mr. Romney at the convention, officials said…Mr. Rubio, a first-term senator and Cuban-American, is expected to play a critical role helping the Republican Party reach out to Hispanic voters. Mr. Rubio is a Tea Party conservative who has broad appeal in the state. Both of those qualities could be crucial for Mr. Romney as he tries to win Florida and its 29 electoral votes in November. Winning the election becomes much more difficult for Republicans without Florida.

Tapping the duo for two of the most high-profile moments of the convention will showcase a couple of the party’s most popular leaders in the hope of appealing to independent and Latino voters.

Republican Convention Speakers Expand Literally and Figuratively

This nominating convention continues to present a very different picture of the party than mainstream media likes to misrepresent.  The latest speakers added are both rising stars in the party and reflective of the party;s actual “big tent” nature and not the more narrow appeal the media likes to claim.  Here are today’s additions to convention speakers:

  • Gov. Scott Walker (WI)
  • AG Pam Bondi (FL)
  • AG Sam Olens (GA)
  • Gov. Luis Fortuno (PR)
  • Senate Nominee Ted Cruz (TX)

This adds to the prior list:

  • Former Senator Rick Santorum
  • Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin
  • Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush
  • Kentucky Senator Rand Paul
  • South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley
  • Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee
  • Ohio Gov. John Kasich
  • New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez
  • Arizona senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain
  • Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
  • Florida Gov. Rick Scott, whose state is hosting the convention

More Convention Speakers Announced

Continuing his balancing act between the moderate and conservative wing, the Romney campaign announced more speaking slots at the national convention touching many core groups:

Rick Santorum, the former presidential candidate who lobbed harsh criticism at Romney during some bitter primary contests, will join a host of other big-name Republicans as headline speakers, according to Republican sources. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will also speak at the convention, along with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and Tea Party hero and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Paul spent much of the year campaigning against Romney on behalf of his father, Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Details about when the speakers will take the stage have not been released.

The current line-up includes the following:

  • Former Senator Rick Santorum
  • Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin
  • Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush
  • Kentucky Senator Rand Paul
  • South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley
  • Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee
  • Ohio Gov. John Kasich
  • New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez
  • Arizona senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain
  • Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
  • Florida Gov. Rick Scott, whose state is hosting the convention

Republican Nominating Convention Speakers Announced

Between now and the start of the convention August 27th in Tampa, Florida there will be plenty of news around the staging on the convention and the Vice-President nomination.  Now the headlining speakers list is rolling out with an interesting mix of GOP heavy hitters and fresh faces:

The Republican National Committee on Monday identified the first batch of people who will be speaking at the presidential nominating convention in Tampa – a list that showcases the party’s ethnic, ideological and gender diversity. Notably absent from the list is anyone who challenged Mitt Romney for the 2012 Republican nomination. Speaking at the convention, which runs Aug. 27-30:

  • South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley
  • Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee
  • Ohio Gov. John Kasich
  • New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez
  • Arizona senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain
  • Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
  • Florida Gov. Rick Scott, whose state is hosting the convention

The list includes people who are to the left of Mr. Romney on various social and fiscal issues, suggesting the party  will use the nationally televised convention to attract centrist and independent voters. Ms. Rice, for example, favors abortion rights – a position Mr. Romney doesn’t share. Gov. Martinez supports a comprehensive solution to illegal immigration that would provide a path to legal status for people living in the U.S. illegally. Mr. Romney has taken a strict stance on illegal immigration, calling for undocumented immigrants to “self-deport.”