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Romney Bus Tour: New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin

Wisconsin … Boom! (Check out the complete schedule here.)

Mitt Romney announced the “Every Town Counts” bus tour to begin this Friday.  Exact dates for campaign stops now available:  June 15, Stratham New Hampshire; June 16, Pennsylvania; June 17, Ohio; June 18, Iowa; June 18, Wisconsin; June 19, Michigan. Nice to see Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on the list:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to stop in Wisconsin next week as part of a five-day bus tour. Romney’s campaign announced the bus tour and the Wisconsin stop on June 18 but did not release the exact location or other details. Romney is scheduled to be in Iowa on the same day. The bus tour is billed as a chance for Romney to meet with families and business owners in small towns across six states. The tour begins Friday in New Hampshire with other stops planned in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. The Wisconsin visit will mark the first time Romney has been in the state since winning the primary in April. It comes less than two weeks after Republican Gov. Scott Walker won a recall election.

Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania? — playing on your opponent’s turf is a sure sign of strength.  Nice to see Romney flex his muscles.

Obama won all six states in 2008, but Republicans think Romney has a shot at taking them back this year. Romney’s aides hope the bus tour, which will include a mix of outdoor retail campaign stops – as well as a new, rebranded campaign bus – will provide a jolt to his efforts in a slew of Midwestern states, including critical Ohio.

Update: More on Ohio:

Romney is slated to appear at the [Newark] Town Square in front of the county courthouse Sunday afternoon. An exact time has not been set for the public event. The Licking County rally is sandwiched between a 9 a.m. Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick, Ohio, and an evening gathering at K’s Hamburger Shop in Troy.  The three Ohio stops follow a private fund-raiser Wednesday evening in Cincinnati for the former Massachusetts governor.  And the pair of Romney visits to Ohio bracket a campaign stop planned by President Barack Obama to Cuyahoga Community College Recreation Center in Cleveland on Thursday.