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Go Irish! Beat Tide!

This one is for all the marbles:

Go Irish! Beat Tide!
Peter King, Notre Dame ’68 George Wallace, Alabama ’37
Father of Erin (’95, ’98) and Sean (’99), Chairman of House Committee on Homeland Security
Governor of Alabama, notorious segregationist, shot in Laurel, MD (PG in the house!)

Go Irish! Beat Trojans!

Go big or go home:

Go Irish! Beat Trojans!
Condoleezza Rice, Notre Dame ’75 Mohamed Morsi Isa El-Ayyat, USC ’82
Former Secretary of State, Future NFL Commissioner?
Islamist president of Egypt, self-appointed Pharaoh

Go Irish! Beat Eagles!

No explanation needed:

Go Irish! Beat Eagles!
Bob McDonnell, Notre Dame ’76 Luke Russert, Boston College ’08
Governor of Virginia, President in 2016?
MSDNC correspondent

Go Irish! Beat Sooners!

Regular readers of this blog know we’re all about the Battleground States and only the Battleground States, but somehow the software malfunctions every now and again and a non-Battleground State post slips through the cracks. It looks like this has happened once more. The odds may be great against the Irish today but that’s nothing new to Domers:

Go Irish! Beat Sooners!
David Freddoso, Notre Dame ’99 Elizabeth Warren, born and raised in Oklahoma
Editorial Page Editor, Washington Examiner
Running for Senate in Massachusetts, fake Indian, hates America

Go Irish! Beat Cougars!

This blog is all about Battleground States but there is Romney-Ryan intrigue around this match-up, so I’m breaking the rules and green-lighting this otherwise non-political post:

Go Irish! Beat Cougars!
Tobin Ryan, ND ’87 Larry Echo Hawk, BYU ’70
Older brother of Paul Ryan
Head of the Obama Bureau of Indian Affairs

The heading attached to this photo: @tromney At BYU Notre Dame game w Tobin Ryan. Loser wears other team’s gear. Go cougars!

Go Irish! Beat Hurricanes!

Since this blog is all about Battleground States and one of the Battlegrounds is competing, I’m green-lighting this otherwise non-political post:

Go Irish! Beat Hurricanes!
Robert Costa, ND ’08 Chuck Todd, alumni status same as Luther Campbell
National Review NBC