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Romney Campaign Announces $12 million Ad Buy Across 9 States

Not much going on out there in news-land (btw, anyone seen my trolls?  They disappeared again ….) so I thought I’d blog some ad spending.  With ~190 million cash-on-hand following the $170 million September fundraising cycle, the Romney campaign is unleashing one of its largest ad buys of the election. The math seems to be quite clear on Michigan and Pennsylvania: Mitt Romney may well win those states, but to do so he will have already cleared 270 electoral votes in one of the enumerated states below.  Therefore why spend money on states that don’t necessarily win the election for you but only increase your margin:

The Romney campaign, flush with cash from its impressive haul of $170 million last month, is reserving large quantities of airtime for the coming week. In one of his biggest ad buys of his campaign so far, Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, has booked about $12 million worth of television advertising for a six-day rotation of commercials that will begin on Wednesday.

The ad buy — timed to start the day after the second presidential debate — will cover both cable and broadcast television in nine states: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin. The biggest amounts will be spent in Ohio (about $2 million), Virginia ($1.5 million) and Florida (more than $3 million).

The advertising onslaught coming from the Romney campaign only adds more political noise to the thoroughly saturated airwaves in battleground states. From now until Election Day, candidates and “super PACs” have set aside more than $83 million for advertising, all of it concentrated in 10 states. (Michigan is the one state where neither campaign is advertising, despite the efforts of a pro-Romney super PAC there.)

And the barrage of ads is only going to get heavier. The Romney campaign typically books its advertising time only a few days in advance because it is wary of tipping its hand to Democrats. But with so much money at its disposal — and a group of top advisers who have long said the election will be decided in the final days of the race — the campaign is certain to buy heavily over the next three weeks.

Commercial time in many states like Nevada, which is the epicenter of the 2012 political advertising binge, has been completely bought out on some programs. Las Vegas is the most saturated media market in the country, data from Kantar Media show. Cleveland is No. 2, followed by Denver, Reno and Columbus, Ohio, rounding out the top five.

Obama’s 1st Stop After the Debate is Wisconsin … I Guess it’s Not As Safe as the Polls Say

Could be those union members have long memories after getting stiffed by a President who said he’d march the picket lines with them and then found himself too busy in every state around Wisconsin to stop in to support their recall efforts:

President Barack Obama will hit the campaign trail following the Wednesday presidential debate, stumping in four states rated on the CNN Electoral Map as toss ups, according to schedules released by his campaign and the White House. On Thursday, Obama will hold an event in the debate host city – Denver – then continue on to Madison, Wisconsin, to meet with supporters, his campaign said.

He will then return to Washington before holding events in Virginia and Ohio on Friday. His Virginia event will be in Vienna, the White House said, before an event in Cleveland. Obama’s campaign said it was rescheduling a previously announced event in Columbus, Ohio, for the following Tuesday.

His Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, has not yet announced post-debate campaign plans. Both candidates are in debate preparation mode. Romney is in Massachusetts but plans to travel to Colorado on Monday, while Obama heads to Nevada for debate prep on Sunday.

Over 7000+ People Rally for Romney In Denver, Colorado

Reports are just coming in and the crowd is enormous (and growing).  This is at D’Evelyn High School in Denver:

Romney Rally in Denver, Colorado Sunday (Sep 23) 7pm

Due to the unfortunate plans crash last week, the Romney campaign had to cancel its previous planned Colorado visit.  But Mitt Romney is heading back there this Sunday:

Mitt Romney & The GOP Team in Denver

When: September 23, 2012 – 5:00pm
Where: D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School, 10359 West Nassau Avenue, Denver, CO 80235

Doors Open 5:00 PM and the program begins at 7:00 PM

Mitt Romney & The GOP Team RSVP: http://mittindenver.eventbrite.com/
For questions, contact us at: (720) 443-1517 or TeamCO@MittRomney.com
ForImportant Campaign Updates:Text (CO) toGOMITT (466488)

Marco Rubio to Campaign for Romney in Colorado and Nevada

Our pick for Vice President, Marco Rubio, who lived in Las Vegas during his youth will head to the Silver State to campaign for Mitt Romney:

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is set to make some high profile surrogate appearances on behalf of Mitt Romney next week in Colorado and Nevada, campaigning solo for the presumptive GOP nominee for the first time, ABC News has learned. A source with knowledge of the events told ABC News Rubio will campaign for Romney at a rally at Rubio’s old elementary school in Las Vegas, Nevada, Saturday followed by a rally in Denver, Colorado, later that day. Rubio also will participate in finance events for Romney while in the area.

The son of Cuban immigrants, Rubio was born in Miami but his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada for a brief time where his father worked as a bartender. While living in Nevada, the family, except for Rubio’s father, converted to Mormonism. Rubio wrote about attending C.C. Ronnow Elementary School, where Saturday’s rally will take place, in his autobiography, “An American Son.”

“Veronica and I began our new life in earnest in September 1979, when we entered second and third grade at C.C. Ronnow Elementary School,” Rubio wrote. “Our new school was only a few blocks from our house, close enough that we could walk there every day with the Thiriots and other neighborhood kids, while my mother trailed a few steps behind us. In Miami, our schoolmates had all been like us, the sons and daughters of Cuban exiles. But C.C. Ronnow had an ethnically diverse student body. We went to school with white, non-Hispanic kids like the Thiriots, with African-American students who were bused in from a neighborhood several miles away and with Hispanic children, mostly of Mexican descent, as well. At first, it was an unfamiliar environment, but one we quickly adapted to and enjoyed.”

Romney Expands Swing State Ads: Colorado, New Hampshire and Nevada

Campaign ad spending has had a decided concentration among four states thus far: Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, and North Carolina. The Romney campaign has announced expansion into Colorado, New Hampshire and Nevada with $411,00 of media buys:

The Romney campaign on Friday added Colorado, New Hampshire and Nevada to the states where it is running television commercials, according to a media buyer who monitors political spending. Its purchases were small and for just four days, with the new round of advertisements starting on Saturday — $216,000 in Colorado (Denver, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction); $82,000 in New Hampshire (Manchester only); $113,000 in Nevada (Las Vegas and Reno).

Importantly, many of these markets (Denver, Las Vegas and Reno) are Democrat strongholds where Romney must improve on John McCain’s dismal 2008 performance if he expects to carry these states. The comparatively small media buys are consistent with a campaign’s entry into new markets testing the impact of new ads before making a full commitment.

The Obama campaign, on the other hand, plans to spend an almost identical $415,000 in those three states and $2 million across a total of 7 states:

The Obama campaign pumped an additional $2 million into swing-state TV ads yesterday, for the period spanning June 9 and June 22, a media-tracking source tells me. The campaign put down $405,000 in North Carolina, $327,000 in Florida, $172,000 in Nevada, $174,000 in Colorado, $161,000 in Virginia, $118,000 in Pennsylvania and $80,000 in New Hampshire. The exact dates of the TV flights vary from state to state, but in each case it covers 30-second broadcast and cable advertising.

For both campaigns, the most heavily targeted state is Ohio, where Obama has spent $8.5 million on TV to Romney’s $2.7 million. The greatest disparity between the two campaigns in Florida, where Obama has spent $7.3 million and Romney has not yet purchased general-election airtime.