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“This must be what momentum looks like” — Des Moines Register

When reporters start write-ups like that you something special is going on:

Cedar Rapids, Ia. – This must be what momentum looks like.

It was a dramatic entrance into Iowa for Mitt Romney on Wednesday – as stirring music played, his campaign airplane touched down at the Eastern Iowa Airport, taxied toward a hangar and parked just 50 feet behind the stage, his campaign motto “Believe in America” visible along its fuselage.

Romney stepped down the jetway to meet a cheering, chanting crowd of more than 3,000 and deliver a high-energy speech that was by turns sharply critical of incumbent President Barack Obama and confidently optimistic about the nation’s future under new leadership.

Namely, him.

Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, reeled off a litany of troubles facing the country, from debt and deficits to the weak economy.

“But the American people can overcome those challenges if they’re led by leaders who will tell them the truth and lead with integrity and I will.”

Romney’s appearance capped off one of the busier days of the Iowa presidential campaign, and comes amidst a frenzied final push to Election Day. Obama appeared in Davenport Wednesday morning at the start of a two-day trip that will take him to six battleground states. Romney’s rally followed high-profile visits from other national Republicans, including Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

The pro-Romney roars at times where deafening inside the sheet metal structure – despite the fact many of the attendees had been in place for hours, and some were turned away at the door per the fire marshal’s warning about the building’s maximum occupancy. (emphasis added)

Bobby Jindal and Bob McDonnell Campaign for Romney in Iowa Thursday

With Mitt Romney overseas for the Olympics and a tour of important foreign allies, two potential Vice Presidents will stump on his behalf in Iowa Thursday:

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, two potential VP contenders, are being deployed to Iowa to campaign on behalf of Mitt Romney while he is on an overseas trip, ABC News has learned.
As first reported by the Des Moines Register, the two governors and high profile Romney surrogates will jump on the Romney campaign bus in Iowa on Thursday. McDonnell will hold an event in Davenport Thursday morning and will meet Jindal at an event at the Victory Center in Coralville in the early afternoon. Jindal then will campaign in Newton and Des Moines.

Jindal campaigned in Iowa last December ahead of the caucuses there, but for another GOP candidate — Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whom the Louisiana governor initially endorsed in the Republican primaries. Jindal endorsed Romney in April and has hit the trail in recent weeks for him, including a rally last week in Columbus. McDonnell, who endorsed Romney one day ahead of the South Carolina primary, has campaigned for the presumptive GOP nominee in Virginia, Florida, Michigan and South Carolina.

Battleground Target: Iowa

As the first in the country caucus, Iowa gets a disproportionate amount of attention ahead of its kick-off to election season.  Once completed, Iowa normally fades into the background as states with greater electoral counts gain prominence among the campaigns and media.  That is not the case this go-around due to the narrow number of states that will likely determine this year’s President, of which, Iowa is one.  It should see increased attention now that it’s neighbor to the north, Wisconsin, joined the Battlegrounds, ensuring greater attention to this region by both campaigns. The Mitt Romney bus tour heads to Iowa today with much anticipation from a state populated with some of the most politically active voters in the country:

Mitt Romney’s next target in Iowa is the Mississippi River Valley — battleground territory in the Hawkeye State important to both presidential campaigns. The GOP presidential candidate will make two stops in crucial swing-state Iowa Monday – a private event in Dubuque and a public speech in Davenport. Virtually deadlocked in national polling with President Barack Obama, Romney is barnstorming states in the upper Midwest, trying to pressure the Democrat in the heart of places where the Republicans think his challenges lie. Part of a Romney success strategy here is to win over Iowans who lifted Rick Santorum to a win in the caucuses. (Romney finished just 34 votes behind.) Santorum said in a CNN interview today that he’s not interested in a post in a Romney cabinet, and he refused to walk back some of the criticism he leveled in Iowa that Romney lacks authenticity. But on Saturday at a Faith & Freedom Coalition event in Washington, D.C. said: “I’ve talked to Governor Romney, and I have no doubt – and I mean this in all sincerity – I have no doubt he understands the centrality of family. He understands the importance of family for our culture, for our economy, and for our future.”

What and where:

After campaigning in Wisconsin Monday morning, Romney will board a boat in Dubuque for an afternoon trip along the Mississippi River with Iowans who volunteered for his campaign. Then Romney’s campaign bus heads south to a riverside park in downtown Davenport. At 5:10 p.m. Monday, he will speak at the Le Claire Park band shell. It’s open to the public; doors open at 3 p.m. Monday will be Romney’s third visit to the Hawkeye State since the caucuses. He flew to Des Moines on May 15 to speak about national debt, and spoke about the economy in Council Bluffs on June 8. The Dubuque event, on a replica of a century-old steamboat, will be open to 50 volunteers who made 300 calls for Romney on Saturday, campaign aides said.

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Romney Bus Tour: “Every Town Counts” Complete Schedule

A lot of excitement has surrounded the Romney campaign following the announced Battleground state bus tour. Specific dates and details were hard to come by but I have pieced much of it together. I expect to update this post as details emerge.

June 15, New Hampshire (2 stops)

  • Stratham, 10:30am: is the first stop on the tour during which Romney will meet with America’s families and business owners in small towns.  Romney is scheduled to appear at the Scammans’ Bittersweet Farm at 10:30 a.m. Friday, June 15. Doors open at 9:30am. To RSVP and to get tickets to Friday’s event in Stratham, visit www.mittromney.com/states/new-hampshire, call 835-4073 or e-mail TeamNH@mittromney.com.
  • Milford, 2pm: Mitt Romney and his wife Ann arrive on the Oval here on Friday, they will be joined by state Sen. Peter Bragdon, a Romney supporter. Romney will be on the Oval here on Friday for what is being billed as an invitation-only ice cream social. Getting an invitation, however, seems easy. According to Milford Police Chief Fred Douglas, the Romney group is slated to arrive on the Oval sometime between 1:30 and 2 p.m. The email invitation sent out by the Romney campaign indicated that “doors” will open to the Oval park area at 1 p.m. and that the social would start at 2.

June 16, Pennsylvania (3 stops)

  • Weatherly, 8:45am: Doors open at 7:45am. RSVP  here. Romney is expected to visit  Weatherly Casting & Machine Co. at 300 Commerce St in the Carbon County borough Saturday.
  • Quakertown, 12:40pm:  Romney will head to Bucks County holding a brief rally at the Wawa gas station, 1960 John Fries Highway in Milford Township on Route 663 near the Quakertown interchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Northeast Extension. Sen. Pat Toomey is expected to join the Pennsylvania leg of the bus tour in Quakertown and continue with Romney onto Saturday evening’s rally at Cornwall Iron Furnace.
  • Cornwall, 4:45pm: Romney is rallying at Cornwall Furnace, a Lebanon County charcoal fueled ironmaking complex. Doors open at 3:45pm. Sign up to attend here.

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