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Is Obama Nervous About Pennsylvania?

You betcha!

And from our official campaign stop tracker No Tribe: “On Monday November 5, President Clinton will campaign in Pittsburgh and Scranton as well as hold two events in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”

This is OFA’s top surrogate. Four stops in Pennsylvania the day before the election.

Any questions who’s winning?

If You’re Thinking of Volunteering, Do It

BenK over at Ace of Spades has a great post for those considering on volunteering down the stretch. Do what you can to win this race beyond the margin of fraud:

This is it. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday is all that stands between us and a second Obama term. I stopped by my local victory center last night to pick up literature. The place was packed with people making calls. At this point in 2008 the place was empty. People do not show up to volunteer if they think a candidate is going to lose. Our victory centers are packed. It is not too late to help the Romney campaign. Actually, this is the best time to get out and volunteer. This is when the election will be won or lost. This is when the undecided or lazy voters are making their final decisions.

People like you and I would get naked and run ass backwards through a cornfield to vote for Mitt Romney. It’s the sometimes voters that we need to turn out. Don’t like talking to other meat puppets? Then do a literature drop. Simply stop by your local victory center which you can find here. You don’t even have to call ahead of time. Just show up. They’re normally open from 9am to 9pm. Ask them for some literature. Then walk around your neighborhood and stick them in between the flag and the mailbox. Don’t put them in the mailbox as that is illegal. Anything helps. Just do your neighborhood if that’s all you’re willing to do.

If you don’t have a problem interacting with people, then knock on their door when you do the lit drop. Introduce yourself. Tell them why you are voting for Mitt Romney and explain to them why they should vote for Mitt Romney. Remember, don’t be insulting, condescending or a dick. Most people aren’t like you and I. They don’t hate Obama, but they’re open to voting against them. It helps to pretend you’re Sherlock Holmes when walking up to their house. Use whatever information you can glean from looking at their house, car, etc to help you formulate an argument that might sway them. If they have a massive SUV in their drive, then talk about gas prices under Obama. If they have a large house, then talk about the rising costs of utilities. If they have toys in their front yard, then talk about the national debt our children will be left paying off. If their car has a my kid is an honor student bumper sticker, then talk about the rising cost of college education.

Don’t read off a script. Treat each person you talk to differently. Try your best to tailor your argument to the concerns of the person you are speaking with. You can also make calls at the victory centers. Just show up. Tell them you want to make calls and they’ll set you up with a phone. If you don’t want to leave your home, but you are willing to make calls then do it from home. Find out how here.

It is not enough to vote and donate in this election. You have to do something. It is close. Romney is either slightly up, tied, or slightly down in Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Hampshire, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. If you live in one of those states you have no excuse to be sitting on your duff this weekend. Your time is the most valuable asset you can offer for the campaign.

If you are in any of those state and can volunteer to poll watch, then please click the link in the sidebar and volunteer to poll watch. This is especially true if you are in a large county. If you are not in a swing state, they may not call you back. All of their efforts are focused on the close races. They need people to watch polls to help prevent fraud. If you live in Cleveland, Las Vegas, Denver, Boulder, etc, then you need to poll watch to help prevent fraud. Those living in Republican leaning counties need to poll watch and work strike list to help turnout the vote.

We’re winning with independents, but there are far more registered Democrats than Republicans. We’re at a natural disadvantage because we are fewer in number. We have to outwork them if we want to win. Please, do something to help.

Quick Hits

Lots of good stuff out there that doesn’t fit neatly in this blog or merit a full post so I thought it was time for another one of these:

Calif. official whose agency under-reported unemployment stats was Obama campaign donor.

Volunteer to get out the vote in Florida tonight: Join the FreedomWorks Grassroots team for a comprehensive look at the best techniques for getting out the vote.

Ben over at Ace of Spades volunteered for the Romney using the election day task force link in the sidebar. They sent him an online training course that took 10 minutes. He provides tons of info in you’re so inclined.

Things on the ground in New Hampshire are looking up. First hand report over at the Powerline Blog. (h/t Housebroken Dad)

Attempts to diminish GOP early voting gains in Ohio are being met with rightful derision by Moe Lane. (h/t Medicine Man)

@NUmbersMuncher has a great post at Natiponal Review’s The Corner regarding the Romney lead with Independents in EVERY national poll, typically averaging +8.3%. (h/t No Tribe)

PPP is scrambling to rehabilitate its reputation with a few reasonable polls down the stretch since election “look backs” always focus on the later polls released in the cycle.

Colorado Republicans Flood Romney Campaign Offices After Debate

I missed this story the other day, but these are the metrics a candidate is looking for after a stellar debate performance. Money is crucial in every campaign but you need the ground troops to keep people inspired, make certain the are registered and ultimately get them to vote. Mitt Romney debate performance did all of those things:

Republicans have been showing up in droves at GOP victory offices around the state ever since the debate, said Ellie Wallace, Colorado victory communications director for the Republican National Committee. Thursday, the day after the debate, was the single biggest volunteer recruitment day for Colorado this cycle, she said, noting that almost twice as many volunteers came in to help than had been recruited and were expected to show up. Today, they had to almost double the number of phones at their state headquarters to accommodate the influx of new volunteers. It also was their biggest day of voter contact — calls and knocking on doors — in Colorado this election cycle.

(In the photo on the right, Jeffco GOP chairman Don Ytterberg and congressional candidate Joe Coors fire up volunteers at Mitt Romney’s victory headquarters.)

Volunteers in the Battleground States

If you have never worked on a political campaign, at any level, you are sorely missing out.  Campaigns more often than not encapsulate organized chaos rather than the well-oiled machine they’d like to project to both the media and voters.  None of the organization (or chaos) would be possible without an army of volunteers at every level. A really good below the radar TV show about this is the Hulu exclusive series “Battleground” — all political junkies should check it out. The Associated Press takes a peek at these invaluable volunteers from both campaigns:

Call them passionate, idealistic, earnest, even a tad naive. The volunteers helping to power the Obama and Romney campaigns are outliers at a time when polls show record low public satisfaction with government and a growing belief that Washington isn’t on their side. While motivated by opposing goals, the volunteers have at least one thing in common — an abiding faith in the political process and a belief that who occupies the White House still matters.

Competing agendas

Re-electing President Barack Obama is so important to Guy Hancock that he spends more time as a volunteer data collector at Obama’s campaign headquarters here [in St. Petersburg, Florida]  than at his paying job as a college professor. Ousting Obama drives Karen Chew to spend hours in Fairfax County, Virginia, volunteering for Republican Mitt Romney. An Iraq war veteran forced into bankruptcy after losing her job as a paralegal, Chew said a new president is needed to help people like her who are struggling against the weak economy.

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