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Romney Sits Down with Ohio Reporter Obama Campaign Blows Off … Twice

In 2008, the Obama campaign seemed to be everywhere with his “hopey-changey” rhetoric and was unquestionable the media darling for journalists big and small.  But he bloom is off the rose and the Obama campaign doesn’t appear to have time for the little people in the journalistic world–even in hugely important areas of the country like Youngstown, Ohio. Reporter David Skolnick had a less-than-inspiring experience with the Obama campaign — getting effectively blown off twice –but was able to sit down one-on-one with the top dog on the GOP side.  Here is is explanation of the blow-offs and the personal attention from Mitt Romney:

So how did I end up in a place I had previously never heard of, stand in the pouring rain and then conduct an exclusive one-on-one face-to-face interview with Mitt Romney on Father’s Day? It was a combination of the fallout from my public complaints about being denied a few minutes with Vice President Joe Biden when he campaigned in Youngstown on May 16, a June 15 conference call with Biden and Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman that had the vice president get off the call before reporters could ask questions, social media, and a smart move by the Romney campaign.

Following the May 16 blow-off, the Obama campaign “tried” again:

Then on June 15, the President Barack Obama campaign organized a conference call for Ohio reporters with Biden and Columbus Mayor Coleman. The call started 35 minutes late, Biden spoke for 10 minutes — essentially reinforcing/repeating statements made a day early by the president during a Cleveland event — and jumped off the call when it came time for questions from reporters.

Romney reaches out:

That led to the Romney campaign emailing me Saturday to ask if I would be in Brunswick on Sunday. I told them I didn’t know where that is. It turns out it’s in Medina County, near Strongsville, and Romney was speaking at a rally there. That was followed by an invitation to speak for about 8 to 10 minutes with Romney after a rally. It helps Romney’s image — he’s accessible to local print media while Biden isn’t. After waiting a while inside, I had about nine minutes with Romney to ask questions. I had about 10 questions just in case, but knew there would be time for only a few. I ended up asking three questions on my list and one follow-up. The article gave insight into Romney’s thoughts on issues that impact our area. Look for an article this Sunday on Romney’s opinions of fracking and coal. The article in Monday’s newspaper was fair, according to local Democratic and Obama campaign officials.

Scenes From the Bus Tour: Ohio

The “Every Town Counts” bus tour rolls through Ohio generating great crowds despite fighting through the rain to rally for Mitt Romney:

It was pouring rain at the outdoor pancake breakfast in this northern Ohio town just moments before Mitt Romney arrived to address the crowd on Father’s Day. But moments after taking the stage, the sun began to shine on the nearly 1,000 breakfast-goers, leading the presumptive GOP nominee to compare the improving weather to the state of the country — as long as Barack Obama is voted out of office. “Boy, that sun feels good, you know that?” Romney said to the crowd as people began putting away their umbrellas and removing plastic garbage bags that acted as rain ponchos. “Things are drying out here. This feels great! And I can tell you something else – the sun is coming out in this country. Our brightest days are ahead. Things are getting better in America as long as we get off the course he’s put us on.” Romney continued the weather metaphors throughout his speech, telling the Ohioans that “three and a half years of dark clouds are about to part.”

Family affair:

Two of his sons — Matt and Craig — flew in to join their dad on the trail, along with their wives and five of Romney’s grandchildren. Both of Romney’s sons used the occasion of Father’s Day to pay tribute to the man who raised them, along with their mother Ann. Matt, Romney’s second oldest, told a story about how his father had helped out when his wife was on bed rest during a pregnancy, building her a television cabinet and installing cable in her bedroom and finding someone to help her run errands. “I just look at that,” Matt said while sharing the stage with his dad. “He taught me to be both a father and a husband. “

25 vs 1000. Despite the Democrat National Committee and Moveon.org both trying to rally protestors at Romney events, they don’t seem to be gaining much traction:

At Sunday’s initial event in Brunswick, Romney was not interrupted by a mass of protestors. But at a subsequent appearance in Newark, Ohio, at least 25 protestors shouted so loudly that Romney’s wife Ann remarked to the crowd at one point, “It looks like we’re having an emergency in the background.”

Romney Bus Tour: New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin

Wisconsin … Boom! (Check out the complete schedule here.)

Mitt Romney announced the “Every Town Counts” bus tour to begin this Friday.  Exact dates for campaign stops now available:  June 15, Stratham New Hampshire; June 16, Pennsylvania; June 17, Ohio; June 18, Iowa; June 18, Wisconsin; June 19, Michigan. Nice to see Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on the list:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to stop in Wisconsin next week as part of a five-day bus tour. Romney’s campaign announced the bus tour and the Wisconsin stop on June 18 but did not release the exact location or other details. Romney is scheduled to be in Iowa on the same day. The bus tour is billed as a chance for Romney to meet with families and business owners in small towns across six states. The tour begins Friday in New Hampshire with other stops planned in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. The Wisconsin visit will mark the first time Romney has been in the state since winning the primary in April. It comes less than two weeks after Republican Gov. Scott Walker won a recall election.

Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania? — playing on your opponent’s turf is a sure sign of strength.  Nice to see Romney flex his muscles.

Obama won all six states in 2008, but Republicans think Romney has a shot at taking them back this year. Romney’s aides hope the bus tour, which will include a mix of outdoor retail campaign stops – as well as a new, rebranded campaign bus – will provide a jolt to his efforts in a slew of Midwestern states, including critical Ohio.

Update: More on Ohio:

Romney is slated to appear at the [Newark] Town Square in front of the county courthouse Sunday afternoon. An exact time has not been set for the public event. The Licking County rally is sandwiched between a 9 a.m. Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick, Ohio, and an evening gathering at K’s Hamburger Shop in Troy.  The three Ohio stops follow a private fund-raiser Wednesday evening in Cincinnati for the former Massachusetts governor.  And the pair of Romney visits to Ohio bracket a campaign stop planned by President Barack Obama to Cuyahoga Community College Recreation Center in Cleveland on Thursday.