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Romney Victory Offices Open in Pennsylvania

Considering at one point the Romney campaign likely was not going to compete in Pennsylvania, things have changed dramatically over the last two months. Yesterday they opened their 20th field office in the state:

Republicans ramped up Romney’s campaign in the Lehigh Valley as they opened a “victory office” Saturday morning at Bethlehem‘s Westgate Mall. The office, one of three opening Saturday in Pennsylvania, will serve as a hub for volunteers, an outlet for campaign signs, a meeting place for neighborhood canvassing and space for a phone bank for Romney and other GOP candidates. Speaking to a crowd of more than 100 who attended the opening, Republican Sen. Pat Toomey called the Lehigh Valley crucial in determining whether Romney will carry Pennsylvania, considered a swing state. He said Lehigh and Northampton are among six key counties that will determine who wins the Keystone State’s 20 electoral votes. The other four surround Philadelphia, he said. The Republicans also opened offices Saturday in Luzerne and Lancaster counties. There are now 20 such offices across the state.

Obama’s campaign, under Organizing for America, has 32 offices, according to its website. The Obama campaign opened its first Pennsylvania field office, at 1031 W. Linden St. in Allentown, in January while Republicans were still duking it out in the primaries. Tens of thousands of volunteers worked out of dozens of storefront offices and homes to help Obama win Pennsylvania and the White House in 2008. That effort was powered by volunteers and a sophisticated online campaign that registered and turned out hundreds of thousands of new voters. Republicans called for such grassroots commitment Saturday in speeches by Toomey, Lehigh County Republican Chairman Wayne Woodman and Tom Smith, who is challenging Democratic Sen. Bob Casey.