Obama Has Done Nothing for the Economy and He’s All Out of Ideas

When I posted the video earlier of Mark Halperin criticizing Obama for no 2nd term agenda, I meant to post back-to-back videos of Joe Scarborough saying the same thing (and thought I had). It got me to thinking it would be great to have a rapid fire run-down of the media or non-Republicans who have identified this glaring weakness in Obama’s re-election effort.  Well the guys who are paid for these types of things are on top of their game because the RNC Rapid Response team has the list out this morning  Clink on this link where they give you the context and citations for each one of these damning quotes:

  1. Dan Balz, Washington Post: “There’s One Other Weakness In Obama’s Message: The Question Of What His Second-Term Agenda Actually Is.”
  2. Mark Halperin, TIME: “The President Did Not Lay Out A Second Term Agenda”
  3. Joe Scarborough, MSNBC: Obama “Has Laid Out No Plan For The Next Four Years. No Plan.”
  4. David Gregory, NBC News: Obama Was “A Little Light On His Vision For The Future.”
  5. John King, CNN: “I’ve Been Traveling The Last Few Weeks, This Is What People Say, I Want To Vote For Him, But He Hasn’t Told Me What He’s Going To Do.”
  6. Tom Friedman, The New York Times: Obama’s Weakness Is The Question Of “How Will The Next Four Years Really Be Different?”
  7. Peter Baker, The New York Times: “Nor did he offer an extensive articulation of what his forward-looking agenda would be for a second term”
  8. Joe Klein, TIME: “Obama’s Greatest Weakness Is That His Proposals For The Future Are Nonexistent.”
  9. Adam Smith, Tampa Bay Times: “The President Did Little To Lay Out An Agenda For A Second Term.”
  10. John Avlon, Newsweek: “He still hasn’t offered a clear second-term agenda, a persistent weakness of his campaign.”
  11. Ben White, Politico: “Obama [Decided To Pursue A] Disqualification Effort Against Romney Rather Than Making A Strong Pitch For A Second Term Vision.”
  12. The Wall Street Journal Editorial Headline: “A President Without A Plan”
  13. Former Governor Eliot Spitzer (D-NY): “You Didn’t Leave Last Night With A Real Tangible Sense Of What The Second Term Agenda Is Going To Be.”


  1. No Tribe
    Posted October 17, 2012 at 12:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Polls in the battlegrounds. I basically look at Obama, and if he is under 49 in the polls at final, he is going to lose the state. His poll number is going to be his highwater mark. With that in mind, here are the RCP averages for Obama. Right now, I would gauge the cut-off at 48, until that final poll aggregate number comes in November. Romney is in terrific shape. Has 235 EV’s and can be at 307 if the election were today. I would guess today that Romney is at 285 to Obama’s 253– if the election were today:

    IN 40.5
    AZ 43
    MO 44
    NC 45.3
    FL 46.8
    ————————– Romney 235
    CO 48
    OH 48.3
    NH 48.3
    NV 48.3
    VA 48.4
    ————————– Today’s guess: Romney 285 — Obama 253
    IA 48.8
    MI 48.8
    ————————– Romney 307
    MN 49.3
    PA 49.7
    WI 50
    IL 50.5
    NM 51.8
    ME 52.7
    CT 52.7

    • Posted October 17, 2012 at 12:23 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I think this is an outstanding job and looks really plausible to my thinking of things. I know you restricted yourself to the over/under 49 threshold based on the RCP averages, but for my own map I’d probably flip Nevada and Iowa. I think Romney has a lot more support in Iowa than is being reported and I think the ground game in Nevada is too much for Romney to make up for in Nevada due to a state party that is a disgrace. Well done.

      • No Tribe
        Posted October 17, 2012 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

        Yes, I agree with you on IA vs NV, which, as you can see below in the HuffPo averages, plays out accordingly.

  2. No Tribe
    Posted October 17, 2012 at 12:23 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Also useful to look at HuffPo, in addition to RCP. While I don’t think much of their national weighting, their state weighting is good at filtering out some states and their leans, which is not factored in with RCP. I think it’s potentially better therefore at the state level than is RCP because of this weighting based on historical outcomes:

    IN 41.4
    AZ 43.1
    MO 42.7
    NC 46.2
    VA 47.2
    FL 47.3
    CO 47.7
    ————————– Romney 257
    NH 47.9
    OH 48.3
    ————————– Today’s guess: Romney 279 — Obama 259
    IA 48.7
    ————————– Romney 285
    NV 49
    PA 49.2
    WI 49.7
    MN 50.6
    NM 51.3
    MI 50.5
    ME 52.2
    CT 52.6
    IL 56.8

    And notice that it puts Romney in better shape in states like FL, VA and CO, which have a higher percentage of Republicans, and states like NV and MI that are more Democratic. IL, is not in play. I just put that in there to show the error of totally following RCP.

    The lowdown is that right now, Romney is in terrific shape. And, it comes down to Ohio, of course. Let’s watch PA and WI though, as they are getting close to under 49. As is Nevada.

  3. Posted October 17, 2012 at 1:45 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Wow 20 days out and the sitting President cannot crack 50 in Job Approval, most battlegrounds and the national average. If this was 92/96 and there was a real 3rd party, that wouldn’t be an issue. In a 2 man horse race, WOW, if this debate “win” doesn’t move the needle hard, then things are looking a BIT more grim for Obama.

    I sincerely believe that before next week’s FOREIGN POLICY debate he will play the Clinton card in 96 when just before impeachment he launched missiles into a medicine factory. Obama will strike Libya in some way to try and knock that down as an issue before the debate and look tough.

    I believe Romney needs a list like he did with the african american gentleman on how Obama’s foreign policy has failed. He has backed the radical in Libya, Egypt, Syria and refused to back democracy protesters in Iran. He has presided over 1/4 of the Afghanistan War 2/3 of the deaths and spending. He needs to bring up how many embassies were protested, etc in the days just after Libya. He then pivots to Mr. President ALL Americans agree killing Osama Bin Laden was a good thing for our country and the world and we applaud the US NAVY SEALS (NOT OBAMA), but let’s be honest Mr. President you have banked your entire presidency on that kill. You have spent a year crowing about that kill, your Vice President called it the gutiest call in 500 years…Mr. President when the US Military and our Intelligence Community tells you they have the World’s #1 Terrorist in their gun sights, giving the green light isn’t gutsy, it’s just common sense.

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