Update on Yesterday’s Wisconsin Voter Fraud Post

Yesterday I mocked the Left who routinely claim voter fraud does not exist despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary.  Well, yesterday’s story gets even richer with the woman convicted of voter fraud having worked for a community organizing  group opposed to Wisconsin’s Voter ID law:

A Florida woman charged Monday with two counts of election fraud in Milwaukee appears to have once worked for a community-organizing group that is fighting to stop Wisconsin from implementing its voter ID law. Yadira Colon, formerly of Wisconsin, pled no contest to charges that she illegally registered to vote in 2008 (lying about where she lived to election officials) and forged signatures on nominating petitions for then State Rep. Pedro Colon (D), no relation. Ms. Colon currently lives in Florida.

The Spanish Journal, a bilingual Milwaukee news source, is reporting that Ms. Colon apparently worked for Voces De La Frontera, a group known for championing liberal and pro-labor causes. Voces, as it is commonly called, is one of several groups that filed a lawsuit against Wisconsin’s newly passed voter ID law which requires voters to show a photo ID to confirm identity when they go to the polls. The lawsuit they filed successfully led to the law being suspended by a Dane County court.

Members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court have refused to hear the voter ID case before the November 6th election. This means that Wisconsin, a state known for examples of voter fraud, will not be protected by a piece of legislation that mirrors similar election integrity legislation in states like Indiana.

In one moment she’s actively opposing voter ID laws designed to stop voter fraud on bogus grounds of disenfranchisement and in the next moment she’s aggressively pursuing voter fraud in the exact same state. This is a perfect example of the Democrats lies over opposition to voter ID laws.  They don’t hate the laws because of any disenfranchisement as they claim.  They hate the laws because it hinders their efforts at rampant voter fraud.

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