What Voter Fraud? Wisconsin Edition

As I point out every time, one of the main arguments the Left uses against efforts to stop voter fraud is it largely does not exist so they go to great lengths to defund efforts at stopping this activity.  Without funding it is harder and harder to prove them wrong no matter how many incidents of fraud proponents site. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas is apparently sitting on a few blockbuster videos expected to be released soon but in the meantime, here is the latest voter fraud from Wisconsin:

A Florida woman pleaded no contest Monday to charges she committed election fraud in Milwaukee in 2009 and was sentenced probation and the time she’s already been in jaill. Yadira Colón, 45, was arrested in Florida this year on a warrant first issued in November 2009. She was charged with forging signatures on nomination papers for Pedro Colón, then a Democratic member of the Wisconsin Assembly from Milwaukee, and now a circuit judge. The two are not related. Yadira Colón was also charged with registering to vote in Milwaukee in 2008, by listing an address in the city when she in fact resided in Oshkosh at the time. She then cast an absentee ballot in Milwaukee, according to prosecutors. She had been scheduled for trial Monday when she entered the plea bargain. Prosecutors agreed to drop two charges, and Colón pleaded no contest to two others. Circuit Judge Dennis Moroney sentenced Colón to the 16 days she already spend in jail for one count, and to six months – suspended – on the second, with the condition of a year’s probation, which he allowed to be transferred to Florida.

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  1. John
    Posted October 15, 2012 at 2:47 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I do not see any UPI polls on RCP. Are they considered illegitimate for some reason? Thanks

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  1. […] I mocked the Left who routinely claim voter fraud does not exist despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary.  […]

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