Colorado Republicans Flood Romney Campaign Offices After Debate

I missed this story the other day, but these are the metrics a candidate is looking for after a stellar debate performance. Money is crucial in every campaign but you need the ground troops to keep people inspired, make certain the are registered and ultimately get them to vote. Mitt Romney debate performance did all of those things:

Republicans have been showing up in droves at GOP victory offices around the state ever since the debate, said Ellie Wallace, Colorado victory communications director for the Republican National Committee. Thursday, the day after the debate, was the single biggest volunteer recruitment day for Colorado this cycle, she said, noting that almost twice as many volunteers came in to help than had been recruited and were expected to show up. Today, they had to almost double the number of phones at their state headquarters to accommodate the influx of new volunteers. It also was their biggest day of voter contact — calls and knocking on doors — in Colorado this election cycle.

(In the photo on the right, Jeffco GOP chairman Don Ytterberg and congressional candidate Joe Coors fire up volunteers at Mitt Romney’s victory headquarters.)

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  1. Barbara Daily
    Posted October 12, 2012 at 5:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Is anyone else upset about the tax dollars Obama is spending CAMPAIGNING? I feel this is too much not to be part of commercials.

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