This is Brilliant

The Romney campaign making swift work of Joe Biden’s honest assessment of what the Obama Presidency has meant to the middle class.  Here is the “Honest Joe” shirt they are now selling as Romney SWAG:

Almost makes you want to root for a 269 – 269 electoral college finish when Romney becomes President and we get 4 more years of Biden’s lunacy.


  1. No Tribe
    Posted October 3, 2012 at 4:29 pm | Permalink | Reply

    hahha, I would really laugh if the Senate decides to choose Biden as the VP in that scenario. In case of a tie, Biden would get to break the tie in favor of himself. That would really be a joke, and Biden would be the Democratic spokesman. I can’t imagine that turning out good for them. Ryan, on the otherhand, would still be in the House, and probably have more power in forming the budget.

  2. No Tribe
    Posted October 3, 2012 at 4:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I’n not entirely sure though that some of the Dem and new Senators would vote for Biden. Manchin in WV, Angus King from Maine as an Independent, for example.

    Also, the House has to select the President from among the top 3 in the EV tally. So, if one of the 269-269 voters decides to go for another person, then that person could be elected in the House as President instead of Romney.

    And I was wrong about Biden getting to be the tie-breaker. The Senate just votes for either of the top 2. If it’s a 50-50 deadlock, then there just isn’t a VP, and if for some reason the House can’t get someone in as President, then say hello to President Boehner or President Pelosi. I don’t think there is any shot of the Democrats taking back the House.

    These are the dates, if things do go down this crazy path:

  3. wholefoodsrepublican
    Posted October 3, 2012 at 8:24 pm | Permalink | Reply

    we need to make certain that the 2012 elections are clearcut and Pres Romney has a strong Congress to back him and VP Ryan in the critical reforms!
    get out the vote. talk to an independent tomorrow!

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