Rapid Response Team from Romney Camp

The Digital Director of Team Romney sent out links to various Romney campaign communications outlets in case you are looking for the official rapid responses from the campaign.  I’m not sure how I will blog the debates.  I’m not a skilled enough typist to transcribe the questions/answers and then add my comment in real-time so we’ll see how the debate goes before I blog anything.  Maybe smart twitter reactions like I did during the Conventions.

Here is Team Romney info:

While you watch the debate on TV, visit http://debates.mittromney.com/ on your computer, tablet, or smartphone to be a part of the action. Our Rapid Response team will be busy fact-checking the Obama campaign and backing Mitt’s arguments throughout the debate.

Please follow @RomneyResponse on Twitter to receive live updates and the information you’ll need to fight Barack Obama’s distortions.

We’ll also be linking to http://romneyresponse.tumblr.com/ with in-depth responses beyond Twitter’s 140-character limit.

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  1. Donald J. Steinert
    Posted October 22, 2012 at 10:17 am | Permalink | Reply

    The anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis is Today. 50 Years Ago. We must keep in mind how we won the crisis in 1962. We won through the strength of our Military. We had 900 ships in our navy in 1962, It is sad that today we only have 253 ships in our Navy. Romney should mention this tonight during his debate. Peace through Strength.
    Thank You,
    Donald J. Steinert
    USMC Vietnam Veteran
    516 524-4591
    Rockville Centre, N.Y. 11570

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