Romney to “come down hard” on Obama in Debates

For those looking for a little more moxie from Mitt Romney, more than a little be be in the works. The debates will be a major turning point in the election where the country genuinely tunes in and performance matters greatly (can anyone ever forget Al Gore’ “sighs”?). Despite the relentless Obama fandom proclaiming him the greatest of everything in the history of everything, his arrogance often gets the best of him when someone directly challenges him. It looks like Mitt Romney is going to bring the fight to Mr. ‘people faint at my rallies all the time’:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told Iowans in a telephone conference call tonight that he’ll have to “come down hard” on President Obama in the upcoming debates about claims in campaign advertising. Romney’s campaign conducted the call-in “town hall,” which lasted just over 20 minutes. Romney fielded questions about tax policy, Medicare and foreign policy.

One questioner, who gave his name as “Stan from Sioux City,” complained about negative ads he’s seen. “One that particularly bothers me concerning you is, the opposition keeps saying you’re going to provide tax cuts for the millionaires but you’re going to cut off the Medicare and insurance costs and so forth for seniors to the point that it’s going to cost us a lot of money,” Stan said. “How can they run ads like that and what’s your response?”

“So I appreciate, Stan, your making me aware of those ads. I know our team, our campaign team sees what he has out there but we may need to go out there and refute what he is saying,” Romney said, referring to President Obama. “Of course, I get the chance in the debate to do that as well.  He’ll probably reiterate some of those arguments and those statements and I’ll just have to come down hard and say, ‘Mr. President, you know that’s not true.’ And you hope to see something better than that from the person who’s serving as president of the United States,…” Romney said.

Romney also addressed the charges directly, saying he won’t raise taxes for the wealthy and that he’ll lower them for the middle class: “You know, it seems like truth has been a victim of some of the Obama campaign advertising and I find it very, very discouraging to hear stories like that. And it really is dragging down the White House, in my opinion, to say things that are untrue like that.  My tax policy is straightforward.  I will not lower taxes for high-income Americans. The top one percent will keep paying the same share that they pay today. We’ll make sure also that middle-income Americans don’t pay more taxes. In fact, my plan cuts taxes for middle-income taxpayers,” he said. “And then secondly, I have no cut whatsoever in funding or changes in programs for either Social Security or Medicare. In fact, the only person who is cutting Medicare is President Obama. He’s cutting it by $716 billion. And this is something that I would change, that I would restore the funding to Medicare,” Romney said.

The rest of the column is liberal tripe misrepresenting any question and answer in the least favorable light possible for Romney, but the real insight was the beginning.  Hopefully Romney really gets after Obama because unless Romney forcefully gets the truth out there, the partisan media will continue to repeat whatever lies Team Obama spreads.

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