Voter Contact Exceeds 1 Million Mark: Nevada and Colorado

Something important to note about the GOP ground game post just below, the Washington Post only talked about the large impact outside groups are having in assisting Republicans.  But the RNC under Reince Priebus and previously Michael Steele not only aggressively sought out voter registrations months ago but also implemented Super Saturdays nationwide to knock on doors, register voters and call on behalf of Romany and Republicans.  These were monthly dry runs for what is always a chaotic turn-out-the vote effort on election day.  Well, the results across the Battlegrounds have been staggering versus the 2008 campaign.  Buried at the bottom of this ABC report about bolstering Colorado and Nevada efforts (we blogged the Nevada boost 2 days ago) are incredible metrics showing a dramatically more robust effort in 2012:

With polls showing Mitt Romney locked in tight races with President Obama in Colorado and Nevada, the Republican National Committee — in conjunction with the Romney campaign — is beefing up its operation in the two western battlegrounds. GOP officials tell ABC News that the RNC is “adding additional staff” in both states — some of whom are being re-assigned from their posts in New Mexico (though the officials noted they “are maintaining offices and staff” there.) … GOP sources tell ABC they have already “passed the 1 million voter contact mark” in both states.


In Nevada, Republicans say they have made “4 times more phone calls and 12 times more door knocks than this time in 2008″…


… and in Colorado: “4 times more phone calls and 6 times more door knocks than this time” four years ago.


Other data points the Republicans cite: A 12 percent unemployment rate in Nevada and an 8.3 percent unemployment rate in Colorado where some 224,000 residents are out of work.

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