Iowa Ground Game Joins the 1,000,000 Contact Club

Earlier we blogged the impressive ground performance of the Colorado and Nevada Victory Teams crossing the 1,000,000 voter contact thresholds. Now we get work Iowa joined the ranks.

Let’s put this in perspective for a state like Iowa:

  • In 2008, a total of 1,511,319 votes were cast for the two major party candidates
  • In 2004, a total of 1,493,855 votes were cast for the two major party candidates
  • This week in 2004, Bush-Cheney ’04 made 839,706 volunteer calls and 64,776 volunteer door knocks in 14 target states. That’s an average of 60k calls per state.

I’m sure there were plenty of duplicates but it is still hugely impressive that in mid-September the GOP has contacted 55-65% of potential voters and there is still 6.5 weeks left in the campaign. The drumbeat of inevitability for Obama’s re-election never mentions the incredible improvement in every phase of the ground game by the GOP Victory campaigns across the country.  It will make a meaningful difference on election day and will likely be THE difference in many close wins for Romney. Here is the send-up of Iowa GOP crossing the 1,000,000 voter contact threshold:

The Romney-Ryan campaign turned the tables on one of its volunteers Friday afternoon. Karen Zmoos of Cedar Rapids was making calls from the Republican Victory headquarters when her cellphone started ringing. On the other end of the line was former New Hampshire governor and Romney campaign surrogate John Sununu. He was calling to congratulate Zmoos – and the entire Cedar Rapids Victory office – for its efforts. The millionth Iowa voter contact was a phone call from the Cedar Rapids office earlier this week.

“I’m from New Hampshire where we really, really believe in the blocking and tackling of campaigning,” Sununu said. “I can’t tell you how significant that is to getting Mitt Romney elected.” Zmoos has a pretty good idea of the importance of her efforts. She’s been making calls for Romney since 2008. “This is what I can do,” Zmoos said after getting off the phone. She has no idea how many calls she’s made and doors she’s knocked on, but said it’s a team effort.

The original plan to celebrate the millionth voter contact was for vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan to call Zmoos, but apparently called her home number, a campaign staffer said. “I’ll have a nice message from Paul Ryan when I get home,” said Zmoos.

According to the Republican National Committee’s Victory campaign, Iowa Republicans already have contacted more voters this year than they did in the entire 2008 campaign. And there are six weeks until Election Day. “Time for another million calls,” Sununu said. “We’re on it,” Zmoos said.

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