Obama +3 in Wisconsin — Rasmussen

The latest from Rasmussen, America’s most accurate pollster, shows Barack Obama with a 3-point lead in Wisconsin, 49 to 46.  Let’s all watch the media and Left (redundant, I know) denounce him as a witch for not sampling Democrats +47 since that is their favorite number this week:

President Obama has regained a slight edge over Mitt Romney in Wisconsin’s presidential race. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the Badger State finds Obama with 49% support to Romney’s 46%. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate, while another two percent (2%) are undecided. In mid-August, following Romney’s selection of hometown Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, it was Romney 48%, Obama 47%.  Prior to that survey in late July, Obama led Romney 49% to 46%. The president has earned 45% to 52% of the vote in surveys since October of last year, while Romney has picked up 41% to 48% of the vote in that same time period.

For President Percent
Barack Obama 49
Mitt Romney 46
Other 2
Undecided 2

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