Romney Super-PAC Running Ads in Wisconsin and Michigan

Wisconsin has been unsurprisingly percolating with President Obama stumping in the state he won by 14 points four years ago but Michigan has received scant attention by the campaigns. Now the pro-Romney Super-PAC Restore Our Future (this PAC are run by ex-Romney people) is putting up a major ad buy of $2.2 million across the states:

For July, the latest figures available, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate was 7.3% (up .3% since June) but still below the national average of 8.3%. Michigan stayed above that mark at 9.0% – up four tenths of a point from the previous month. Restore’s buy comes after both presidential campaigns last week invested in Wisconsin, and both Vice President Joe Biden and GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, who represents Wisconsin in the House, visited the state this week. In its electoral map, CNN rates the state as a toss-up. Michigan is rated as “lean Obama” on CNN’s electoral map. Romney was born in the state, and his father served as governor of Michigan. This is the first buy for Restore Our Future since before the Republican convention last month.

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