State-Run Media Find Obama +8 in Virginia — Washington Post

Remember when many of us marveled at how much money Team Obama was spending on polling in the summer.  Those excessive costs seemed wasteful and not very productive during Spring and Summer months when persuadable voters are not tuning in to politics.  We’ll I’m beginning to get an inkling where all that money went.  Just like Mark Halperin publicly admitted the media will do just about whatever the Obama campaign wants, all that money Team Obama showered the media and polling firms is coming back 10-fold with ridiculously biased polls.

Is this a quid-pro-quo instance of pseudo-bribery?  Absolutely not.

Here’s how it works: Team Obama curries favor with the pollsters (and media) with the steep polling investments all summer.  Team Obama’s alleged revolutionary get-out-the-vote effort of micro-targeting every possible voter (dubbed in the most secretive manner “Project Narwhal” — which was then relentlessly leaked to lapdog media) gets fawning coverage ad nauseam in the admittedly compliant media.  The same polling outfits now readily buy into the Team Obama mantra that not only are they going to match the 2008 effort but through their revolutionary, never-seen-before super-expensive micro-targeting, they are finding voters they never even knew existed in 2008 and in many cases will EXCEED the height of hopey-changey fanfare in the last election.  And the pollsters willingly buy into whatever Team Obama is selling and we get consistently biased and unrealistic polls unrepresentative of voters this year.

That is your wholly compliant media and pollsters bought and paid for by the Obama re-election campaign.  How else do you explain a current over-sampling of Democrats by 9 percentage points in Virginia — a state that was R +4 in 2004, D +6 in 2008, but eviscerated every elected Democrat since? These polls are part and parcel of the publicly disclosed Obama campaign strategy of depressing the vote in 2012 and attempting to convince marginal Republican voters to not show up because they want to further the idea the race is already over. Heck, Chris Matthews found it offensive and arrogant Romney was even challenging Obama.

That’s how you get a poll showing Barack Obama with a huge 8-point advantage in the state that is probably the closest in the entire Republic.  Congratulations Washington Post, you get your gold star from Team Obama and there will be a job for you in the new Administration if we can carry this disinformation campaign through election day.

Now I only wish I could drink these days because tonight’s new NBC/WSJ poll must be a doozy if they are going to top the Washington Post’s “inevitable Obama” sell-job.  And drinking makes these humorous polls at the more comical because you really have to just laugh at their absurdity. I simply keep thinking what their incredulous faces will look like on election night when none of these polls are remotely close to reality and they don’t have the faintest concept how they lost or why their loyal minions are so angry at being misled.  Just know, you’ve been warned.

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