Romney Sees an Opening in Wisconsin

We’ve been on Wisconsin as a Battleground since the inception of the blog in May but thanks to the Paul Ryan selection showcasing the state, everyone else is catching our drift.  The Wall Street Journal takes the temperature of the Romney campaigns chances in the Badger State:

For Mitt Romney, good news came Friday with word that President Barack Obama had added a stop to his travel schedule next week. For the first time this election season, Mr. Obama will campaign in Wisconsin, a confirmation that the traditionally Democratic state is now in play. In the face of the recent polling, the Romney campaign is putting forward this strategy: It is returning its focus to the economy, adding money to its ad buys in several battleground states and eyeing a breakthrough moment at the debates with Mr. Obama next month.

Kevin Madden, a top adviser to the Republican nominee, said voters’ opinions have “calcified” into a pessimistic view of the economy, giving Mr. Romney a clear opening, particularly among undecided voters. “That’s our challenge, and that’s our opportunity,” Mr. Madden said in an interview on “DC Bureau,” the Journal’s online politics show. “We have to really make our case that Gov. Romney has a better vision for the country going forward, that he’s the better choice for fixing the economy.”

Mr. Romney started spending money on television ads in Wisconsin this week, confirming a long-held suspicion the race there has tightened since Mr. Romney tapped Rep. Paul Ryan, a native son, as his running mate. Apparently worried about Republican success, Mr. Obama also began spending ad money in the state.

While the latest round of polls giving the president a post-convention bump has some Republicans in battleground states saying they are nervous, they also are confident of a win. Some cite two data points for their optimism: the underlying sourness of the economy, and Ronald Reagan’s come-from-behind win over President Jimmy Carter in 1980 after performing well in the debates.

“The most important advice I’d offer now is, ‘Don’t panic,'” said Matt Borges, executive director of the Ohio Republican Party and a longtime political operative in the state. “Obama’s convention bounce is dissipating, and there are still many reasons to believe Romney will win Ohio and win the election.”Mr. Borges is convinced that public polls continue to misgauge the enthusiasm and likely turnout of Republican voters in Ohio, where the state GOP is waging a far more aggressive get-out-the-vote effort than it did in 2008.

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