Obama +5 in New Hampshire with 12% Undecided — WMUR Granite State

New Hampshire remains as quirky and enigmatic as ever.  But do you expect from a state with the most awesome of state motto: Live free or die.

In the wake of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, the race between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney continues to be very close in the battleground state of New Hampshire. In the most recent Granite State Poll, 45% of likely New Hampshire voters plan to vote for Obama, 40% say they will support Romney, 3% prefer some other candidate, and 12% say they are undecided. The percentage of those who say they are undecided has tripled since August, when only 4% were undecided.

There is a gender gap that continues to favor Obama — women prefer Obama over Romney by 14 percentage points, essentially unchanged from 16 percentage points in August. Men continue to favor Romney, but by a slim 5 percentage points, down from 11 percentage points in August. There is a large class difference among women — Obama’s strongest support comes from college educated women, where he holds a 25 percentage point lead, but this lead disappears among working class women who favor Romney by 1 percentage point.

Republicans hold an edge in motivation with 62% of Republicans saying they are very interested in the election compared with 55% of Democrats. Similarly, 69% of Republicans say they often discuss the election with family and friends compared with 61% of Democrats, and among all New Hampshire adults, 90% of Republicans say they will definitely vote compared to 82% of Democrats.

For President Percent
Barack Obama 45
Mitt Romney 40
Other 3
Undecided 12

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