Obama +2 in Michigan — Foster McCollum White Baydoun (FMWB)

The latest in Michigan from FMWB shows the President holding to a tight lead in Michigan 45.49% to 43.65%, a lead of 1.84 points (FMWB September 2012 Michigan General Election Poll Press Release). The rumblings of the Romney campaign pulling out of Michigan would appear to be unjustified but the proof is in the pudding so we’ll continue to monitor this state closely:

Our current poll, conducted on September 12, President Obama leads Republican nominee Mitt Romney 45.49% to 43.65%, a lead of 1.84 points, which is within the margin of error of 2.88%. In the Foster McCollum White Baydoun (FMW)B poll for Fox 2 News Detroit, of Michigan most likely voters in August, President Obama had lost his slight lead of 1.14 points and was trailing Romney by 3.8 points, a net swing of 5.21 points from June. The current shift from Romney back to Obama now is 5.64 points. Our data reveals that Michigan is still a battleground state for not just the Presidential campaign but also the national battle between the Republican Party and Democratic Party for control of the U.S. Senate.

“The past month has helped President Obama regain traction with a number of voting groups he must win or be competitive with,” per Eric Foster, chief pollster for Foster McCollum White Baydoun. “The campaign is still very fluid, as we identified in June and August. Neither campaign can afford to take Michigan and its 16 electoral votes for granted over the next two months. President’s campaign needs to shift its focus towards presenting more of a business case narrative of why voters should re-elect President Obama while better defining why Romney/Ryan is not good for America.” “The data prompts further study for both by the Obama and Romney teams,” stated Attorney Tarek Baydoun, political analyst for Foster McCollum White Baydoun. “The fact that Romney is still leading in the major swing 4 counties that are harbingers for victory statewide and is leading in ten of Michigan’s 14 congressional districts indicates that Michigan is still wide open and the Democrat’ ground game will play a crucial role in keeping Michigan Blue.”

Additionally, the polling data suggests  President Obama has gained support among the following groups since our August poll:

  • Male voters, White male voters, 7 of the 8 Congressional Districts that Obama was trailing in our August poll, and Southeastern Michigan.

Governor Romney has gained support among the following groups since our August poll:

  • White women, The Thumb Region of Michigan, The 7th and 9th Congressional districts
For President Percent
Barack Obama 45.49
Mitt Romney 43.65
Other 5.48
Undecided 5.38

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