Who else said his opponent “shoots first, aims later”?

The media are aggressively touting clips from President Obama interview following the Embassy attacks where Obama critiques Romney’s response as “hoot first and aim later.”

But that critique had a ring of familiarity for election historians and Charlie Speiring dug up another President seeking re-election who had that exact same critique  of his opponent:

Obama’s remarks, however, echo frequent criticisms made by President Jimmy Carter of Ronald Reagan, then his opponent for the presidency. Carter criticized Reagan’s views on foreign policy during his speech at the Democratic National Convention in 1980, slamming Reagan for living in a “fantasy world” and noting his inability to understand the “complex global changes” in foreign policy. “It’s a make believe world. A world of good guys and bad guys, where some politicians shoot first and ask questions later,” Carter said.

But that’s not the only familiarity between the two campaigns:

After Reagan’s nomination in July 1980, Carter criticized Republicans calling it “a party with a narrow vision, a party that is afraid of the future, a party whose leaders are inclined to shoot from the hip, a party that has never been willing to put its investment in human beings who are below them in economic and social status.” As Philip Klein noted on Twitter, the Carter campaign ran fearful “man on the street” ads during the campaign, fretting that Reagan would be a president who would “shoot from the hip.”

And through the miracle of modern technology, the Weekly Standard found this video highlighting the similarities:

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