Ohio Economists Form Independent Group in Support of Romney

649 Economists nationwide have embraced Mitt Romney’s economic reforms and now a group of Ohio economists have independently formed a group in support of the Romney Plan:

Economists for Romney (E4R) Monday announced the support of 20 economists from 10 different universities across the state. The 20 included two international finance experts from Miami University, five Ohio State professors, two from the University of Dayton and one from Wright State. E4R – an independent, voluntary group of economists who support Mitt Romney’s plans for economic reform – has received 649 signatures for its statement of support nationwide since its conception in mid-August, according to an E4R spokesman.

Among them is Ohio State’s Douglas Southgate, an agricultural, environmental and development economics professor. “I’m appalled at the macroeconomic policy and elevated stratospheric spending (under the Obama Administration), that is way in excess of tax revenues, which eventually must lead to higher interest rates and inflation,” explains Southgate. Southgate’s sentiments are largely reflected in the portion of the statement that goes on to list E4R’s view of the policies implemented by the Obama Administration. The statement, which can be found in its entirety at http://www.economistsforRomney.com, begins, “We enthusiastically endorse Governor Mitt Romney’s economic plan to create jobs and restore economic growth while returning America to its tradition of economic freedom.”

Limiting federal spending to 20 percent of the economy, reducing marginal tax rates, and improving credit availability to small businesses and entrepreneurs – while ensuring all regulations pass rigorous benefit-costs tests – are just a few of the policies this group of economists would like to see Romney implement come February.

The two Miami University professors who signed the statement were Steve B. Wyatt, chair of the finance faculty in the Farmer School of Business, and David Leonard, who specializes in international portfolio management.

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