First Wisconsin-Centric Romney/Ryan Ads Start Airing Tomorrow

Ninnies in the media continue to talk about the inevitability of Obama’s re-election and how Romney is not spending money in states like Wisconsin which must mean they don’t believe the have a chance there.  Now I am a firm believer in putting your money where your mouth is with ad dollars but considering the Real Clear Politics average in Wisconsin gives Obama only a +1.4 point lead maybe there is something else at play in the Badger State — i.e. politics fatigue after the protracted and wasteful recall election?

Well Chuck Todd and the cry-babies in the media can stop ominously talking about no Romney ads in Wisconsin:

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney says he plans to create 240,000 jobs in Wisconsin if elected. He’s airing a new commercial statewide starting Sunday. It’s the first his campaign has paid for in Wisconsin. In the ad, he says Wisconsin isn’t better off today under Democratic President Obama. He says he plans to cut government spending, eliminate the deficit and create 240,000 jobs for Wisconsin. Romney’s team is expected to pay for a heavy level of TV ads for Michigan and Wisconsin. It’s in hopes of winning them or to force Obama to spend campaign dollars to defend states he won by more than 10 percentage points in 2008. Polls in both states slightly favor Obama. A message left at Obama’s press office in Chicago was not immediately returned Saturday.

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