Another $100 million Fundraisng Month

Raising money isn’t the same as courting votes but it is a sure sign of relative enthusiasm for a campaign.  In 2008 when Obama outraised McCain by 2-to-1 you knew he had momentum on his side and it showed at the voting booth where Obama got outsized gains from often under-represented voting blocs.  This cycle, the momentum is clearly with the Romney team and the Obama camp isn’t just falling behind, they are burning through their campaign coffers at a record and precarious rate:

For the third straight month, the Romney campaign and supporting GOP committees raked in more than $100 million in fundraising in August, a GOP fundraising source confirms to CBS News. According to the source, the Romney campaign told donors about the monthly haul in Tampa at the Republican National Convention. According to the same source, the campaign thinks the total will be even higher in September.

In the aftermath of Romney’s announcement last month that he had tapped Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, of Wisconsin, to be his vice presidential running mate, the campaign boasted of a huge fundraising boost via Twitter. “$5 million raised, 70,000+ donations online since @MittRomney announced @PaulRyanVP,” wrote Romney press secretary Andrea Saul on August 12, the day after the official announcement.

Despite early predictions that President Obama would be running a billion-dollar campaign, the Romney campaign has outpaced the president in fundraising since May.

We won’t hold our breath waiting for the non-disclosure from the Obama campaign who will likely release their data at the last possible moment to hide the fact that they are getting schooled by Romney despite hosting more fundraisers than any candidate in history.

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