Key to the Appeal of Artur Davis’ Underrated Speech

Yes, it is somewhat of a cliche for political parties recruit high-profile members of the opposition party to speak at their conventions but what Artur Davis did tonight will have a lot more mileage than your typical “former enemy now ally” speech.  The sentiment was perfectly captured by Olivier Knox, White House correspondent for Yahoo! News:

The appeal of his speech dovetails nicely with the pro-Romney ads that has polled best with swing voters according to focus groups run by Frank Luntz:

With swing-state denizens facing 10 more weeks of campaign ad bombardment, the conservative advocacy organization Americans for Prosperity may be cutting through the clutter most effectively with its relatively low-key attacks on President Obama. That, at least, was the clear verdict offered by 23 Florida voters on Sunday during a focus group convened by Republican pollster and strategist Frank Luntz.

Almost everyone in the group said they voted for Obama in 2008, but they were about evenly split between Obama and Mitt Romney in the 2012 race, with several still undecided. Luntz showed the group more than a dozen negative TV ads funded by both presidential campaigns and outside groups and asked participants to rate on a scale of zero to 100 the impact of each ad, regardless of which candidate they are leaning toward. A majority pointed to a 60-second AFP spot — which has been running in swing states as part of a reported $27 million advertising blitz by the Koch brothers-backed group — as the most effective ad of the current cycle.

The same sentiment was captured in this ad:

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