Traveler’s Advisory: New NBC/WSJ Survey Results Tonight

NBC keeps hyping their latest poll results and Obama lapdog John  Harwood was on CNBC earlier teasing the results revealing a decidedly negative public opinion for Congress.  That isn’t surprising Considering Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006 and only the House flipped in 2010.  But no matter, Harwood gleefully relayed how the negative opinion of Congress will hurt the Romney campaign since Paul Ryan was a prominent member of the House.  No matter that Ryan consistently polls higher than Obama, Biden or Romney.  Obama surrogates will continue to misrepresent the data in any way they can to keep their savior in office.

As a reminder, their poll last month, which was similarly hyped, had a Democrat over-sampling of D +11 (Dem: 46, Rep: 35, Ind: 19).  A truly astoundingly absurd sampling considering 2008 was a fantastic Democrat year and party ID at the polls was D +7 and in 2004 the Party ID was perfectly even. While any poll that over-samples Republicans is dismissed without nary a mention, huge Democrat over-samplings fail to even even slow the echo chamber in the media to trumpet Obama’s continued strength leading by 6 in a poll that in no ways reflects today’s electorate.

From last month’s post:

Bottom line: In a poll that massively over-samples Democrats, Romney is LEADING by 2-points among highly interested voters but is trailing by 6-points among “registered voters.”  Every talking head who tries to report this poll as a win for Obama is ludicrous. At this rate the Obama re-election hacks in the media will be polling the DNC in November to find a survey showing Obama competitive.

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