Romney-Ryan Bus Visits Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

Understanding the candidates cannot be in all places at all times, an oft overlooked aspect to the campaign is the near-constant stream of events across every Battleground state including those on the outer fringe like Minnesota, New Mexico. This is a way fro campaigns to remain top of mind with voters while campaigning elsewhere.  The Romney-Ryan Victory bus swung through the Badger State yesterday  and the local press picked up on the enthusiastic reception:

The Romney-Ryan Wisconsin mobile campaign victory bus came to the Racine GOP Victory Center Monday to rally volunteers and then turn them loose on the phones. And 20 of those phones were a mobile phone bank in the rear half of the Romney-Ryan bus. On each side of the aisle was a long table with a row of phones and scripts for each caller. Ben Sparks, Romney’s Wisconsin spokesman, said volunteers would spend about an hour making calls before the bus moved on. The bus pulled up to the Victory Center, 6211 Durand Ave., at 2 p.m. The first order of business was to encourage a room full of approximately 40 volunteers to get active in support of a Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan victory in November. Ryan’s 1st Congressional District includes Racine County.

Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig, former state Sen. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, and Republican Party of Wisconsin Vice Chairman Brian Schimming spoke to the volunteers. “We are going to make history in the next 80 days,” Schimming said. “History is going to judge us by what happens in this room, because Barack Obama needs Wisconsin to win.” Wanggaard reminded the volunteers to vote for Ryan both for vice president and 1st U.S. District congressman in order to secure that seat.

One volunteer who marched upstairs for the rally was former Republican state Sen. George Petak, then of Racine. Petak lost his seat after casting the tie-breaking vote to create the taxing district to build Miller Park. He’s been living near Nashville, Tenn., to be near family. But Petak said he came back to help persuade social conservatives to vote the Romney-Ryan ticket. Petak said, “I’m trying to remind them of politics that are going in the wrong direction.”

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