Here’s Your Sunday Morning Talk Show Bias … before it even airs

I often complain about the Obama surrogates in the media carrying water for the President.  When I say this, I don’t always mean the embarrassing Soledad O’Brien’s in the media which out themselves regularly.  Few people watch them anyway, so their influence in negligible.  What burns me are the “journalists” who act as if they are objective yet report any and every news event in a light either most favoring the President or most damaging to any challenger (these days Mitt Romney).

Later this morning Chuck Todd is going to do exactly this.  Here is his tweet from a short time ago:

So he is going to analyze the electoral map in a glass-half-full version for Obama because Florida has a high senior population and Democrat lies say Ryan and Romney are putting their medicare at risk.

The media’s attitude is let’s continue to show any development in the news cycle as good for Obama and bad for Romney.  Chuck Todd does this ALL the time. In late April on Meet The Press they discussed battleground states and how little Obama had to do to secure the win in November. They began with the 2008 electoral results (fair enough) and then shaded states where the 2012 battle will be fought. Glaring to any reasonable observer was that Chuck Todd left Indiana as a solid blue state for Obama (which he did win in 2008) when everyone else has Indiana as a likely red state and no observer even has it as a battle ground state. Flip those 11 electoral votes and suddenly Obama’s small hurdle/Romney’s incredibly high hurdle changes dramatically.

Again on a couple months later when ad spending across the Battleground states was first released, Todd excitedly reported how this shows Obama’s strength because all the Battleground states were “Red” states so Obama is on offense (expanding the map) and Romney is on defense (trying to hold those Red states).  This was of course a complete lie.  Todd was using the 2004 map and not the 2008 map, as if the Obama victory map never existed. To use the 2008 map (the most appropriate map) would show Obama playing only defense and expanding the map nowhere while Romney is playing nothing but offense and has to defend no “McCain states.” And as a refresher, should Obama win re-election he will likely be the first incumbent EVER to win re-election with fewer states or votes than in their first election.  That is a news story, not the any which way we can spin this for Obama that drives mainstream media reporting these days.

Media bias isn’t just the outright advocates in the media who make laughingstocks of themselves.  It is more often the relentlessly “light most favoring Obama” presentation we get day-in and day-out from Chuck Todd/David Gregory/George Stephanopolous/etc.

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