What Paul Ryan’s Week Reveals About Romney Campaign Strategies

The Washington Post takes in all of Paul Ryan’s first week on the campaign trail and gleans some insights into the Romney camp’s thinking when it comes to the Vice President nominee:

  • The campaign appears to believe that the Wisconsin congressman is able to be deployed in most any battleground state — He has visited Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia and Florida in the past six days.
  • Venues in which Ryan has addressed voters thus far have largely been the same — high school and college gymnasium.
  • Ryan is not likely to play the typical vice presidential role of campaign-trail “attack dog” — and that when it comes to himself and Mitt Romney, those roles appear very much to be reversed.
  • Both GOP candidates have talked about offering Americans “solutions” but Ryan drives home that message to voters in a largely positive way (this dichotomy is not accidental).
  • Ryan speaks of forging a “covenant” and of “deserving victory” as he did Thursday in Oxford, Ohio, or pledging to supporters Tuesday night at Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas that the GOP ticket is not just about opposing Obama.
  • If there’s a candidate who has shown flashes of anger this week, it’s been Romney.
  • the Wisconsin congressman does not talk much about his own biography on the stump (especially relative to other potential VPs like Rubio and Pawlenty). He appears to take care not to overshadow the man at the top of the ticket, on whose life story and achievements he tends to focus more than his own.
  • Ryan’s deep, personal Capitol Hill relationships are clear at every campaign stop.
  • When it comes to retail politicking, Ryan tends to ask voters their names and introduces himself simply as Paul.

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