The Ryan Bounce — Campaign Metrics

The bottom line with any “bounce” are polling numbers and driving voters to actually vote in November.  We’ll see what transpires in November but polling already shows momentum for Romney.  The campaign itself, though, released some internal data on what the Ryan pick has added to the Romney ticket.

Since the announcement in Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday:

Online Fundraising:

  • Donations: 124,800+
  • Amount: $10,157,947
  • Average Donation: $81
  • % New Donors: 68%
  • Site Traffic: Total: 2,000,000
  • Desktop: 1,560,000
  • Mobile: 440,000

Mitt Romney Social Media:

  • Facebook: +510,000, Now 4,360,000
  • Twitter: +54,000, Now 861,000

Paul Ryan Social:

  • Facebook: +860,000
  • Twitter: +118,500

Volunteers: 45,000+ sign up to volunteer online

Polling data shows Romney gaining since the announcement. Both Gallup and Rasmussen show us leading Obama in national polling, and recent statewide polling shows us picking up ground in Ohio and Virginia.

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