Romney and Ryan to Reunite in New Hampshire Monday

The whirlwind cross-country barnstorming of America’s Comeback Team is almost complete.  Paul Ryan has a couple stops in Virginia tomorrow and then the big showdown at The Villages, Florida where he should throw down the gauntlet on the medicare debate. Mitt Romney has some fundraisers and then will meet up with Ryan in New Hampshire Monday where the two will host a town hall to remain engaged with the public:

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will reunite on Monday – just over a week after Romney introduced Ryan as his No. 2 – in New Hampshire, a campaign aide said Thursday, the state where Romney’s announcement was originally set to take place. Romney and Ryan campaigned together on Saturday and Sunday, then parted ways Sunday night with a handshake after a rally in Wisconsin, Ryan’s home state. Their Monday event will be a town hall meeting at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, an official at the venue said. The most recent poll of New Hampshire, which included voters contacted before and after the Ryan announcement, showed the race between Romney and President Barack Obama is statistically tied: 49% for Obama and 46% for Romney. Romney owns a house in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Thus far the roll-out has been stupendous and the polling reflects the ruthless efficiency and clarity of message that embodies the Romney campaign now that Ryan is on board.  Obama’s surrogates in the media continue to carry water on nonsensical issues like Romney’s taxes or some other contrived issue  wholly irrelevant to an economic turnaround that is top of mind with all voters.

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