Obama +5 in Michigan — Mitchell Research

Our third survey from Mitchell Research in Michigan shows President Obama opening some distance between himself and Governor Romney.  The prior two polls resulted in 1-point leads for each candidate (first Obama, then Romney).  Now President Obama enjoys a 49 to 44 lead:

President Barack Obama has opened up a 5% lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney in the battleground state of Michigan according to the latest Mitchell Poll. Obama leads 49%-44% with 3% voting for someone else and just 4% undecided. The race was tied in Mitchell Polls conducted in June (June 18, 2012) when Obama led 47%-46%and one month ago (July 24, 2012) when Romney led 45%-44%. The automated telephone survey (N=1079 Likely Voters) in the November General Election was conducted Monday, August 13, 2012 and has a Margin of Error + or  –2.98% at the 95% level of confidence. The survey was conducted by Mitchell Research & Communications, Inc. for the media and was not paid for by any campaigns or committees.
“The percentage of undecided voters has dropped in half to 4% and but Obama has moved into the lead in Michigan.Just two days after being named to the ticket as Romney’s vice presidential pick, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan doesn’t seem to have had any impact on race. When his name and Vice President Joe Biden’s name are added to the trial ballot question, it remains exactly the same, 49%-44%.

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  1. […] at 47.  Previous Mitchell Research polls has Obama up +1 in June, Romney up +1 in July and Obama up +5 in mid-August. Michigan is proving once gain to be a battle ground state. In the most recent poll, […]

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