Media Misrepresentations: Paul Ryan Hurts Romney in Ohio and Florida

Water-carriers for Obama in the media like Chuck Todd on today’s Meet the Press and multiple print media hacks parrot the lie that Paul Ryan’s medicare proposals will hurt Romney’s chances in states with large elderly populations like Pennsylvania, Iowa and Florida. To write or say such lies, they have two ignore to incontrovertible truths:

First, Paul Ryan’s changes to medicare do not affect ANYONE 55 years of age or older.  So the current version of medicare is completely unchanged for “seniors” and soon-to-be “seniors.”

For future Medicare beneficiaries who are now under 55 or younger (those who first become eligible on or after 1 January 2021), the proposal creates a standard Medicare payment to be used for the purchase of private health coverage. Currently enrolled Medicare beneficiaries and those becoming eligible in the next 10 years (i.e. turning 65 by 1 January 2021) will see no changes in the current structure of their Medicare benefits.

Second, a 2011 survey shows “seniors” actually FAVOR Paul Ryan’s plan over Barack Obama’s plan:

A new (April 27, 2011)  Gallup/USA Today poll contains a counter-intuitive finding: the age group most receptive to House Budget Chair Paul Ryan‘s plan to deal with the budget – seniors. The poll finds 48 percent of seniors (those 65 and over) support Ryan’s plan over President Obama‘s plan, while 42 percent back the president. That’s the highest total among the age groups tested – a 47 percent plurality between the ages of 50 and 64 backed Ryan, and a 45 percent plurality of those between 30-49 backed Ryan.

Those two fact do not stop hacks in the media furthering lies that Ryan’s plans hurt Romney in Battleground states with large senior populations:

Analysis: Pick could lose Romney Ohio, Fla.

Ryan, a lawmaker from Janesville, Wis., who chairs the House budget committee, has pressed for a sweeping overhaul of Medicare’s current fee-for-service plan into a system in which the federal government would subsidize private insurance plans so seniors could buy their own policies. Although Ryan has stressed his Medicare plan would not go into effect for a decade, it could prove toxic with many older voters.

Chris Redfern, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, said that, by picking Ryan, Romney’s “ chances have been irreparably harmed in Florida. The majority of Floridians understand the importance of Social Security and Medicare.”Romney appears to understand the potential danger of Ryan’s Medicare plans. The Romney campaign has advised its surrogate speakers that there are differences between Romney and Ryan on some of the major issues, including Medicare revisions and reforming entitlements.

The author also says Ryan could hurt Romney in Ohio since local Senator Rob Portman would have been more popular in Ohio than Ryan. But no matter, except for the fact that Ryan’s plan isn’t unpopular with seniors and Ryan has Ohio ties while also greatly assisting in Wisconsin, let’s stay with the premise Ryan actually hurts Romney.

Now this Tampa Bay Times writer deals with just Florida and of course comes to the same conclusion:

It’s hard to see how an election that stands to be a referendum on the Ryan budget plan  does anything to help Romney improve his Florida performance over McCain’s four years ago.

In a state where more than 20 percent of the state’s population, nearly 3.9-million people, rely on Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, and where an AARP poll recently found baby boomers approaching retirement age deeply anxious about their ability to retire, Romney-Ryan clearly will be on defense over the next 80 days about the Ryan plan to radically revamp Medicare.

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen a pick that was done to give a campaign a message,” said Democratic strategist Chris Lehane. “It is a very, very high risk, very low, low reward. Is this going to be Sarah Palin in a necktie with a secret plan to destroy Medicare? How do you win the presidency without Florida? It would be like bringing a running mate to Iowa who doesn’t believe there should be corn.”

Florida’s 29 electoral votes seem like a tougher reach for Romney today than two days ago.

Oh really?  Because seniors aren’t affected by the Ryan plan?  Or is it because they already approve of the Ryan plan above the Obama plan?

I can’t wait to read more hard-hitting journalists over the coming months continue to misrepresent both the facts and the reception of the Ryan plan.

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