Campaign Surrogates Come Out in Virginia

The Associated Press takes a stab at the supremely important Battleground state across the Potomac:

The fight for Virginia is heating up between presidential contenders Barack Obama and Mitt Romney — with a little help from their friends.

GOP Governor’s shake the money tree:

In the Republican corner, according to the National Journal, is Gov. Bob McDonnell, who has been instrumental in helping the Republican Governors Association more than double their fundraising for the 2008 McCain campaign, raking in an impressive $44 million. Friend and potential VP pick, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, hit the campaign trial for Romney on Friday, with fundraising events in Virginia and Chicago. It wasn’t enough to match contributions by Obama’s Virginia supporters in April, according to NBC Washington. The Obama campaign posted $483,000 in donations to Romney’s $332,000.

Dueling First Ladies:

Obama brought out his big guns in Virginia last week, his most trusted advisor, wife Michelle. ABC reports that the first lady attended a rally at a VFW post in Dale City on Thursday, followed by a side trip to Mom’s Apple Pie Co. in Occoquan. Putting aside her normally health conscious attitude toward nutrition, Obama exclaimed in delight at the selection of wines in the family-owned bakery, then purchased two pies for the first family…Mitt Romney kicked off his push for Virginia earlier this month with a fundraiser held at Exhibit Edge, a female-run business. In her introduction Ann Romney left little doubt that the venue was selected specifically to appeal to women voters. “We appreciate all these women being here,” she declared, “We know…how women actually do make the world go round.”

It’s gonna be tight:

The latest polls show Obama leading Romney in Virginia by 3 percentage points. However, this represents a decline in support for the president from the 2008 campaign, when he won the state by more than 6 percent. Virginia went to George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004, suggesting that there could be enough republican support to swing the state Romney’s way, if the party can turn out the vote. Romney is hedging his bets by reassigning Sara Craig, who’s largely credited with engineering his Iowa caucus win, to Virginia.

Minding the gap:

A Quinnipiac University poll released last week gives Obama the state by 5 percent. But Obama captures the female vote 51 to 35 percent. The poll reveals problems for Obama, as well. Virginian men favor Romney by 5 percent, and Obama’s job approval rating is lukewarm at 48 percent.

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